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Chelsea bringing in la- tenacious intelligent midfielder. We'd lost his way on the digging. Diego simione wanted a fresh start from chelsea perspective. How'd you look at Look i think we have an amazing Window and not just because of who we saw it to. We managed to get rid of i. Think more than a million sterling of transfers out. the door Seemed to be getting people loaned and sold by back is all over the place Bringing lukaku bringing in you know sow And then you know suddenly unearthing the jewel. That is travis lobos You know didn't get you know that. A lot of people are very upset about that. All wish we had him. But i think ultimately a very good over chelsea tall. Yeah i mean you need cho- yesterday in the green room full multiple battles and to me. The money chelsea spend is a sense of roman. The rest of the market is weakening. And if you invest now. There's an incredible member of the chelsea football club for the primarily this. This was not planned this. They were a year ago. We were in the darkness of franklin pod leaking goals and instead of that dog thomas to calls come in and drew light and being like this to me. This is a sentence that chelsea fail. They can really go for this league ahead of schedule and bringing in another midfield that give them the depth which is crucial so that they can really try to win multiple trae fees on multiple fronts with a squad that can truly truly rotate. If you're a chelsea fan our lehem number of you are in the discussion comments about it. I mean that you are all for a season of this is full. thrust is on the. Let's go into it. The tina fascinating to me. I mean i. I d want john tonight and they had a great transfer window. Then we'll get about ninety million for the maury gray next year. That's the the big one. And then hamas rodriguez is going to be like a new signing for the two games when he comes back after making up with rafael benitez before we. Yeah craps off again and decides. He doesn't want to play for us trying to bring joy whether it's not love joy in the ashburton. Reality is the teams reality. If you look at the number of play is a win for kinda thirty million dollars forty million dollars from an above. It's like that's the same number of massive play moved but below that mark. it's hollywood. You can get blockbuster. Movies made right now. You can get really cheap. Movies made real indie mumble co movies. But it's not soft spot. The twenty million dollar movie is very difficult to get finance. Nonsense what you've got in football right now where the club. The are in the middle of the pat light. Yeah veterans do not light. Your wolves have certain say post cova do not have liquidity posts cova. That's the irina said this window but the team to a fascinating going to say this and then maybe we can jump into the into the conversation and really try and make the most of the two storylines who wanna hit which is transfer window with the men's national team and that other say in the to dave in the art is the human. Just you know eat whiplash. We have watching manchester united. It is four months ago. The fans stop the team bursts. From arriving in old trafford stone the failed. Let off smoke. Canisters demanded the glazes. Gal that club now. Four months later they are. They are lifting up. Kobuk cutouts of cristiano ronaldo. He's home by shirts. This is a gold head. He was returned. The sat aboard stuff's been pulled away In the same way city jack relish. We're go brennaman is like there was some friction. Superleague greedy best achieve ruined. All club even also spoke to twenty million is a wild wild time day to be alive depth pivot for manchester united funds. For the. we've had the this broken with storming the field to. Oh my god. We can wait for september. The eleventh cristianos brag that the semi and then the narrative david. That's modern football where the emotions always from the russian all right. Yeah and we're jaden sancho rafael veron and cristiano. Ronaldo can paper over the cracks for for your team because something you get excited about watching the play football and perhaps we did under state just a smidge. I'm not saying huge for. Perhaps we did under state a little bit that. Some of the unrest seen at manchester united was also to do with the perception that the team will underperforming and weren't competing And so. I think that was a little bit of that baked tim because suddenly it's gone. It's gone very quiet from those same. Supporters protests thanked. Oh may may make one of them. They say is the key feeling. This transfer window was more birdseye than ever. It's almost had the nba a the way. Football is gone through may transfer perspective. Nba fans light live for the trade deadline. Day it's almost as if the business of football is now trumping actually watching football and the some fair in the future young audience the growing up watching tick tokes cannot sustain ninety minutes of what in the game and will prefer to play fee which they can control well highlights the great moments pushed to them overseas media somewhere in that realm. Just the complete nuts noise going up to eleven around transfer deadline day yet me things now. Most teams are not going to win anything transfer window. cannot chilly. feel like it true. Fever many fans did for bridgier ramona..

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