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I knew Kobe nineteen outbreak linked to a market place in China triggering with Chinese officials call a wartime emergency mode A. B. C.'s Julia macfarlane London edition Fadi on Beijing's southwest side Asia's largest whole food market now closed another twenty four hour police guard off the spot testing revealed at least forty five new cases of coronavirus authorities also banning tourism in the district canceling sports events closing elementary schools responding to current concerns Nike the NFL Twitter and The Washington Post are giving employees the option to take a paid day off on June nineteenth for the first time ever also known as Juneteenth the day commemorates the day in eighteen sixty five a major general Gordon Granger announced the end of the civil war and slavery in Galveston Texas Juneteenth isn't a federal holiday but other companies are offering the day off including New York times buzzfeed and vox and the list seems to be growing UT Han ABC news among global or global protests sparked by the Minneapolis police custody death of George Floyd one drawing thousands in Perth Australia the speaker condemning systemic racism this is RT this is about us mom coming together this is about recognition about people that have pasta why their families have softened their families that are still suffering protesters in the streets in Beirut in other cities in Lebanon because of a troubled economy this is ABC news let's see how the roads are with como traffic.

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