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And i i argue that if they did that if we said to people when they call the pharmaceutical industry and whatnot when they try to shape shape news if we just said the first time there's a firewall we can't do anything about it they quit calling but once they see they can shape and influence which the content that you put on you've opened the door to be influenced in lobbied constantly he'll that's where i agree with your nine never apologized all right we'll take a quick break and we'll come right back and we'll do the news right after this you're invited the corolla drinks splinter party at the tudor house in lake arrowhead saturday february ten with water cooler live chris long soman threat butch beck tab gary smith matt fondly earn it's good to be bag mike johnson a dry and kaelin being yeah don't want plus performances from the and kills few dudes rooms and neuro bad company haha half way woah lock see babe saturday february two the tudor house can late narrow had california the water cooler live three bands and times of endless rant by pa and lawyer the karolytrained splinter party saturday february ten and lake arrowhead get your tickets now at corolla drinks dot com i just saved hundreds of dollars by switching to gaiko i feel like i'm on top of the world disclaimer you will not be transported to the top of the world in the unlikely event you find yourself the arctic circle seek shelter from the elements immediately to avoid frostbite and or hypothermia guy will not be responsible if you find yourself in a cable cross will only abominable snowman who in all likelihood will force you to play games including but not limited to goldfish juragj chinese truckers or his personal favorite spread ruble red roberson dfb on over gaiko is not liable for any damages other physical or emotional geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.

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