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Was to inadequate to be properly examined king solomon of saudi arabia has changed the line of succession to make his son muhammad bin salman the crown prince and first in line to the throne the previous crowned pence muhammad been nias one of the king's nephews has been stripped of his title and dismissed as interior minister i'm at least editor jerry bone reports this is a big shakeup in the succession the deposed at the throne muhammad been nih is widely risk backed it fifty seven euro prince who is in charge of the fight against alqaeda sympathisers in saudi arabia he's lost his job was interior minister as well as his position as crown prince the new at the saudi throne prince muhammad bin salman is thirty one years old and has carved out a much higher profile than muhammad bin knife his father king solomon his eighty one and reportedly not in the best of health prince muhammad bin salman was already defense minister and in charge of economic reform he must have already ruffled a lot of feathers in a royal family that was used to being presided over by a succession of elderly men so far his most controversial move has been to run saudi arabia's warren yemen saudi campaign has been criticised for human rights violations including killing many civilians two more members of the french government said they would leave office in a reshuffle expected later today one is the justice minister francois bayrou a key ally of the new press into manuela mackerel is to buy ray leads the modem party which is being investigated over an alleged job scandal involving european funds the european affairs minister marielle de sarnez who is a major member has also left the government the security services and brussels say they're leaving the terrorist alert level at three for maximum four now aftermath of last night's attack at a railway station a man was shot dead by soldiers after setting off a small explosive device the founder of the taxi app either travis kalanick has resigned as chief executive often outing unrest about the company's business methods uber has attracted controversy including problems with regulators and protests by established taxi.

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