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Echeverria. Gives it off in the midfield circle. Tamaki Gila now to Edwards to the near sideline for Sebastian Andersson, Chip forward for Michi, Galina Galina, battling on the end line ends up going out of play and it will be a corner kick. For the switchbacks. And that will be the job of Sebastian Andersson. Yeah, good play from the switchbacks, working it from side to side finally settled on their right hand side, pushing it down, rail monarch said some players back this time work that one out as you said, corner kick. More Sebastian Andersson to whip in with his right foot might take a short now at Chavarria making himself available. See what Anderson decides to do here. He will send that's one in in his headed into the back of than it. Who got that then players going to hug Sebastian Andersson, who sent in a beautiful ball. It's going to be three runs switchbacks. We're getting another look at this. It might be an own goal. Let's see. It's a really good ball by Sebastian Andersson into the near post. They're calling it. Edwards goal. Let's see. It is Michael Edwards with the running header puts it into the back of the net in the switchbacks. Get that early one back. It's now 31. Edwards had been making himself available time and time again for the From the set pieces for the switchbacks, this time decided to make a little run right to the near post of ashen Anderson. Perfect cross. 31 switchbacks. They lead for Edwards his first goal as a member of the Colorado Springs switchbacks, so congratulations to him and well earned. And look you rolling. We get a set piece goal from the switchbacks or corner kick goal from the switchbacks. That's been something that's plagued them a little bit. These set pieces, but Probably one of the more talented players on those things is Michael Edwards, and they haven't had him for one reason or another a few times this year, but with him healthy and in the 11 Real opportunity to star earning some goals off of these corners. 31 switchbacks with the lead. Meanwhile, rail monarchs working down the near sideline down by two goals again, they'll reverse fields. Push up towards the top of the 18 with it is Milanello ski. Is cross into the box cleared out by Jimmy offered now ashamed back for battling for the ball. Couldn't quite get possession. He's beaten to it by Noah powder powder now dribbling up asses out to the far side, long curled cross to the far side. Malik Johnson, first one on the scene gets it taken away by Anderson and then Johnson out of frustration, shoves Anderson down to the ground. The official Hector Hernandez going over. I don't think he's going to give him a yellow card. And that is, uh, despite Brandon Burt's pleadings on the near side line. I gotta say I'm with the coach on that one as a pretty blatant pushed by Malik, Jack Johnson and no yellow card. Yeah. Good play once again by Sebastian Anderson. He read that one. Well got in front of it won the ball turned the corner in behind the young man from Toronto. Johnson just brought him down. Referees going to Calm things down. Give him a last warning and the switchbacks will get us back underway. And Sebastian is smiling ear to ear. When you take when you get somebody to commit a foul like that, then you know that you're living rent free in somebody's dome. And I think that's what Anderson smiling about. He is frustrated Johnson throughout the 1st 35 minutes of this match. As Switchbacks will get it back started here in a moment. Michael Edwards went to go help Sean Melvin with it, But Sean says I got it sends this one far downfield looking for Haji Berry Berry with the first touch. Now taken by around monarchs, SLC. Look to push this one. Up the field. From Milan. Arlovski passes it out wide. Take it away by Matt Mahoney My own Eve. Sean Melvin. With the left foot. Melvin sends it downfield hops once twice now out of play in the Monarchs, end of the field. Off the throne ends up on the feet of Jeff. Using up the 17 year old keeper who has had a rough night at the office. So far, he's conceded three goals. Three different goals scored for the switchbacks who lead it 31. Now Erin past was intended for Heiress Briggs, and it's scooped up by Sean Melvin will immediately roll it forward to Beverly Mocking Gila 36 minutes in Switchbacks with the two goal lead. Sebastian Anderson on the near side gives it off to achieve area. Back to Sebastian. Anderson playing it up to the shame back for who is now taking his spot on the near side of the field. He and Michi Galina like to switch sides, every so often. Speaking of Galina, He has the ball in the middle of the field, and now whistle will stop play. In the switchbacks feel unfortunate there as now, real monarchs will get possession and they push it. Right across midfield. Here's powder to the middle passed nearly taken away by Edwards and now will be swiped by Sebastian Andersson, who stumbles just long enough for Johnson to reclaim possession for the visitors. Down to the middle for powder. He'll play this one out to the far side. And a strike for goal. Nowhere close goes up into the stands here on Whiner field. Yes, little ambitious from Douglas Martinez has been Having a good game on that right side when he's been able to get some space, But they are just snatching at that shot, almost sending it on to see moron. Mhm..

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