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Mike. Love from the beach boys. James Hirsen. James Hirsen should come down and play. Have you heard James Hirsen play? Get well soon, sir. Sir, There's an attorney not lies. An author. He's a lot, professor. He was He was a keyboard player of the Temptations. If you follow him on Facebook, you can hear James. What do you performance a week on there now? Because I look forward to your stuff on there now. Well, thank you. No, no, I just try to match it up with the articles. I'm writing. I stick of a little piece up to something from my heart. I miss playing alive, You know? Living here. And hotel California. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Cow that you could never leave. By the way. Can I ask you this? Just off topic off the office of the national scene, many of you our viewers and listeners that we broadcast out of San Diego, California, James lives up in the L. A area. We're in California. You might be watching us. You know, Tennessee of New York or listening to us in New Jersey. Here in California. We heard failed Republic and there should be a moat around us. Can I ask you is because of what's gone on. Because there's many blue businesses closed at the hand of Gavin Newsom, a czar are red businesses. Do you feel like this is going to be another gray Davis moment here and others? Gray Davis was the other gender that was recalled several years ago. Well, it is in terms of you know what there's over a million signatures on the recall petition, let alone 1.1 transcends political parties, however. There's one major issue that is the most important issue in America's most Porton issue in California. Voter integrity, right so if we could have a real recall election Then I do think it's possible to president who, Of course, the opposing candidate starts you mentioned Gray Davis. Of course, we had the celebrity power marbles, Schwarzenegger to propel him write that Victory. I don't know if there's somebody you know, maybe Chachi. Maybe Antonio's about sugar? No, he's left the state. There's anybody here that's left Rob Schneider's gone. S so you know, I don't know if we have a celebrity. But if we have a good articular candidate, I think there's a awful lot of passion. Yeah, you're and you could see it. Go to South Orange County. You go to San Diego County when you see a lot of defiant Small businesses that Gavin News I could see the eye could see the ad coming out now saying, Make sure you turn in all of your ballots. See, it's It's um It's funny, and it's tragic at the same time. Okay, So James, Here's my question for you with respect to the what's going on with Twitter. And parlor and Facebook and YouTube with Donald Trump. You know there are international figures like like Angela Merkel from Germany, saying You guys don't want to be doing that. And, of course, the prime minister of Australia said the same thing you like him or hate him. And of course, the events of last week were unconscionable. You know, looking, I'm no legal scholar. I don't. I don't. I don't think there was incitement. You know legally I think he probably couldn't choose chose his words better. I think there was. I do think he's complicit somehow. I'm not sure that he meant to have people stormed the capital. Aside from all that the big issue here is censorship in the United States are your lot, professor. You're gonna have to handle this stuff with your students here. Somebody make you go to class again here for a second. Isn't this a super dangerous time Number one and number two. Isn't this gonna fall back hard on the tech companies at the end of the day? The end of the day. I agree with you. I think it will fall back hard is a dangerous time. And they you know, to use the cliche. They jumped the shark. The jump. The shark moment came from Amazon. Because on the heels of Google and Apple, removing this app parlor from their stores, Amazon kicked them off of the cloud server. Now there, there is a level of censorship. We have never seen They deep platform this company and it appears as though these tech companies conspired together. To harm competitors way We all know what that's called. That's called a violation of the Sherman Act, Anti Trust that's unfair business practices. That's a breach of contract and they filed a lawsuit. And that was lawsuit may lead to other problems for believe it or not, for Jeff based doses. Mamma's, So that was a and by the way, that is a terrible business decision. I don't know which executives made that decision. But clearly that was not thought through and I think a lot of this banning that's going on like this Cos stripe. Like we just heard Curt Schilling. The from from from the I mean bloody socks? Yeah. Kurt Schilling. He has. He has said that his insurance was canceled. Over his social media profile and his political positions that this kind of stuff is unacceptable UN American and shouldn't be happening. So s So Is there any Is there any legal recourse stamps that I get that I think that there is I mean, a lot of people say, Well, there can't be because the judiciary is corrupted. Yeah, I do think we're in danger of the Supreme Court being corrupted, becoming a rubber stamp. But at the local levels there, there are there literally. Hundreds of new judges that were appointed over the last four years, and the courts still had a degree of integrity. As long as we stay away from that. Hawaiian judge who seems to want to determine US policy, But I think there will be a lot of legal recourse for these where they overplayed their hands where the tech companies have overplayed their hands. It's a debate on, for example, the Twitter keeping up the Ayatollah Khamenei keeping up the president of Iran, uh, keeping up really, in many cases, hardcore pornography, at least until they could pull it down. And to permanently banned the president. The question, of course, is. Is this really a private company? I think some courts they're gonna wrestle with that. Because section 2 30 gives them government subsidies and because really, in a way, particularly the Amazon case. That is like saying, Okay, You know, we don't like rusty nails joke, So we're gonna cut off if I had a nickel every time I heard that can you imagine, and we cut off his electrical power? See, that's the kind of thing that the Amazon cloud Shit decision is like well after the war, that we're looking at things that appear like utilities. I think the stronger the arguments will be and remember, we're talking about civil lawsuits and civil lawsuits have a lower threshold, a lower standard of proof that's not being under reasonable doubt. Which is getting close to 100% proof it Z a preponderance of the evidence, which is like a majority of the evidence. I've got to keep up the good fight of comedians and getting a little edgy and social commentary within my humor, but it used to be some people just wouldn't laughs. I wouldn't do the joke again. Now. Not only won't they laugh They threatened my family and they come after you has tagged me out of a gig. It's not even worth doing this gig anymore. Yeah, well, the interesting thing about isn't that going to be the end result of the death of social media when people like You haven't seen me on social media other than what marry our digital media director does for the band of the show Like you. I just stepped off it because you know what the end of the day it's become..

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