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Groucho Marx. Honestly, they kind of have an she is. Julian a, you know, we've had her on our show. We she's been in our studio or we died over shoes. Always she just where they just the greatest. She's beyond glamorous. Okay. She's so glamorous. And she Donnie are so real, and they hear the same things over and over from people, and they just couldn't be nicer, and we were in their sweet in Las Vegas when they they're very first Christmas show Donnie member when they sent us we got sent there for like forty eight hours, and he he's just they both are as real as can be. So this is brilliant on the part of the talk because I think a lot of people of all ages and stages like, Marie Osmond. Right. And remember Burris no stranger to talk shows. Donny Marie used to have a syndicated talk show back in the day an afternoon in my crazy Donnie Google that if she hadn't talk show a solo show. Yes. I'm not sure about that. But Donny and Marie. I remember because I was a little, but they had a talk show nineteen ninety thousand because I remember 'cause they used to come home and watch the after school. It was like a three thirty show. Maybe that's what I'm thinking of Holly Marie the debuted on October first two thousand twelve and it only lasted until July twenty thirteen it was on the home. It was on the hallmark. And it just wasn't produced. It wasn't. It wasn't the, but she fits in the table of women because she's going to be able to keep the conversation going, and she will have stories. Kashirin Osborne has some great stories. Yes. Marie osmond. To scoop down over a little bit here in Osborne because Marie? Yes. She's got some stories. Yeah. And just a reminder Donny Murray's residency at the Flamingo ending in November of TMZ reporting. Of course, she's going to have to do double duty. He'll be in Los Angeles in the afternoon for the taping of the talk and then easily fly out to do the Vegas show sheep and doing that thing for eleven years you could into that in their sleep probably at this point. Yeah. And she and she's a hard worker. Yes. He really is. Yes. I mean, she Donnie they just like, well they've been working their whole life. Yeah. Just, you know, par for the course, I remember when they told us the story. I can't remember if it was in Vegas Donnie on one of the times. Donny Marie we're on that. Maybe Donny told us or might have been Marie that time. She came in her limo from the Flamingo to Planet Hollywood to be in person. And her their parents would not let them leave the performed at fairgrounds as the osmond's, and they could not leave until everyone who wanted their tickets sub audit. Graft autograph because those people are paid two dollars. Come and see them. Yeah. And so she said, we always stay until the last person goes if I mean, they do meet and greet psych. Nobody. I mean, she they're consummate professionals completely completely like that. Yeah. So I mean, I really like. Yeah. He'd be asked. That is good. And that's going to be exciting for Marie? Yes. Now, it hasn't been confirmed by CBS TMZ is reporting this. But you know that somebody leaked it. To themselves. Are you know, couldn't wanted? I think that this might be up on our website mytalk one seven one dot com. But Kensington Palace last hour, we were talking about Royal Instagram's? But William and Kate's Instagram, they debuted new pictures of Princess Charlotte today, and boy she all grown up and she looks just like dad, she's outside playing nature and her little. Birth. And you know, I have a glam toddler like that the Casey's granddaughter. She can't she's my glam daughter because I never had a baby. So how can I be a mother grandmother? Glam daughter. He is four and she's the same the same age eighty dress up. And she's going to miss a she's going to probably lose a tooth soon. And by the way, speaking of other photographs of the cast of the two thousand Charlie's angels, two Barrymore Cameron Diaz Lucy Liu end Demi Moore, they all re reunited for Lucy lose star on the Hollywood walk of fame today. All looking great love it. I love it. I love Donny was is it easy. Traffic.

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