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Need today and that becomes your metric so really anything you want to achieve you can create a metric for. I give the example in the book of marshall goldsmith. Who's an executive coach very well-known writer. And he has a scoreboard that he keeps for himself. I think it's something like twenty six items and actually has his assistant call him every day before in the evening and they go over his metrics he has to report what number he gives himself on that day on that metric and he does he really has involves assistant is he finds if he's relying on himself. He's not going to do it but if his assistant has to call him he'll he'll do it and then he's got all these Spreadsheets that show him his performance on that day and one of the things that i think is so important about this approach is. It's not so much about the score per se. It's the fact that you're reflecting on the score every day. That keeps you more mindful of your behavior so just keeping track of your behavior keeps you more mindful and just make this concrete. You know if you are someone who's considering after lunch one day you know. You're kind of tired after lunch time. We all have a different energy And you're you're tempted to go and tick-tock for forty five minutes. You're much less likely to do that. If you know you have to report it to yourself on a time sheet so having metrics for the things you're trying to avoid are also is also useful. So how many minutes that. I spent on today the answer. That's forty five. You feel kinda lousy. Right so i just think that this is something that we can a tool. We can all use to improve our performance in. Its the first chapter in that second section of the book on how to shrink the gap between your vision and your ability. That's really great stuff. Yeah i I love how effective what you're talking about is for example. I always have time check on a few apps like instagram. And read it and things like that just to make sure. I'm limiting that to thirty minutes a day or fifty minutes a day or whatever it is and just that little type reminder that's built in is amazing how much it really just brings you out of that chance of getting sucked into a giant time. So it's time checking app. It's a feature of the iphone so basically you can go into. I don't know where it is in the settings but you can select like you can use this app for x..

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