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And then all of a sudden they're like, no, it's not happening. And you just get all these like really hard nose and someone who had helped on right, right on my pilot wrote for the Mindy project. And she told Mindy who had never met before the she? Yeah, check this girl out. She's really funny. Mindy ended up creating or are had idea in mind for this sibling. These siblings to come into the office, put it was only supposed to be three episodes, and so she called me and asked me if I wanted to do it as like a guy. Yeah, like she, I think she's so funny. So talented and restarted doing the episode. Then three turned into nine of the nine turned into a series regular. It was like the greatest thing every actual, you know that suddenly you have steady work for three years. And what's nice people. There was also champions. I love seeing champions as well and NBC, but I was sorry to to find out recently that it's not gonna be renewed for that. How does that feel? What's going on there? I need a hug. Now it's, you know, it's you learn after fifteen years of in in this business that you know it's par for the course are was just so excited to continue on with Mindy and with you know, it was a lot of the same crew, right? Because I came into Mindy project halfway through, so I didn't get to have the full six season experience like, oh, this is perfect, and it was a funny cute show had a lot of heart. It's one of those shows you don't see a lot of anymore. And you know, we had a ten episode run and it just there's so much content out there now, I don't think a lot of people knew existed, but the people that did watch it always always had really nice things to say about it. So I'm proud of what we did. I wish it could have gotten, you know, more time because I had like, how do you stab a show. Oh, at a fan base for that show in ten episodes pretty popular. It's impossible to especially given all the competition that's there and not just TV. I mean, there's so many things taking people's attention. It's like if you don't have some like gangbusters show in like three episodes you're done, it's just like lightning in a bottle sometimes. Yeah. Well, I'm so glad to see, but there's so many other things that you're doing and can do, including your stand up. I really wish we could talk longer, but I'm afraid we're out of time fortune. That's all right. Lovely. It has been lovely. Thank you for joining course. Thank you. That's fortunate fiv stirred. You could catcher in Montreal at the just for laughs festival tonight? Friday and Saturday at passed as if you're in Toronto, you could see your at j. f. l. forty to the September. And that's the key podcast for today. Thanks for listening tomorrow on the show. Actor defeat digs tells about his new movie blind spotting the next time. Love CBC podcasts. Help us make them better. Take our CBC podcast listener survey. Now at CBC dot CA slash podcasts. The quick survey will help us improve your favorite CBC podcasts, CBC dot CA, slash podcasts..

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