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At that point. I was just doing. I think i was doing an impersonation of poland. Which most of your viewers won't even remember poland. I was just doing that and throwing it into that character and again i get this and which led to doing summer theatre that summer the bath house theater how find is that our childhood brings back so many memories memories of dreams and different things and when it comes back to this i could feel i got the you know the hairs on my arms standing up when you were talking about some of these memories that you had because it just invokes a lot of my own at the same time and also also the same excitement that as you're talking about it i could just feel yours as well and i think that that's really neat but you moved on from there to and <hes> i'm doing so leg youtube getting a degree. Now is your degree in england. Not no actually <hes> england was my sophomore year. There was an exchange program with queens college in new york university of washington. We went over for six months and we did a at the edinburgh festival so we lived in edinburgh scotland for a month. We did a play at the robin hood theatre in nottingham home. It did the play in wales and three months in london and we had teachers from different schools in london. Bristol bic got gosh. What are the other schools <hes> royal academy <hes> you know fencing teachers <unk> coaches acting coaches movement all that kind of stuff for six months and then when i came back to the university of washington addition for a professional official training program which was a three year program which she either got a masters or be a fe or something like that but they only took about sixteen into each class class or that and there were probably five six hundred kids additional across the country for these programs and i got in to the one at the in my hometown university of washington and ended up doing three years there and then moving to new york..

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