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Protesting, or rather people are protesting proposed law that would allow suspects in Hong Kong to be extradited to China to stand trial. It's so controversial that about one million people turned out in Hong Kong streets on Sunday to show their opposition. There were so many people around the Hong Kong government building today. Lawmakers could not continue debating the Bill. A house committee is expected to vote today on whether to hold attorney general William bar, and commerce secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt of congress NPR's Hans Hilo. Wong says it has to do with the citizenship question. The Trump administration wants to add to the twenty twenty US census the house oversight and reform committee has been asking the ministration to release emails and memos related to the potential question is this person a citizen of the United States? The Justice department has been withholding portions of documents citing ongoing lawsuits and attorney client privilege on Tuesday. The DOJ said it would ask President Trump to invoke executive privy. Coolidge over those documents if the committee proceeds with the vote to hold the attorney general, and commerce secretary in contempt administration has said it wants a citizenship question to better protect the voting rights of racial minorities, the recently uncovered documents of GOP strategist suggests the question, would politically benefit Republicans and non Hispanic white people on Zee, long NPR news jury will continue to deliberate today in the criminal trial of an ex Michigan State University dean Michigan public radio's chain a Roth reports Williams, Trump was accused among other things of trying to coerce female students into giving him sexual favors, multiple women came forward during the trial and said Williams trample made comments to them when they went to him for help with their schooling comments like quote my buddies have relations with young women. The women said they felt he was attempting to get sexual favors in exchange for that help Williams, trample was the dean of the college of Assiut Pathak medicine and Michigan state assistant attorney general Daniel Hagman Clark is prosecuting the case, they all. Felt threatened by why. Why should they have to listen to that? They're simply trying to become doctors in his closing strangles attorney argued that the comments were, quote, locker room talk for NPR news. I'm Shane a Roth in Lansing, automaker. Ford says it's recalling about one point two million Ford Explorer vehicles, this affects model years, twenty eleven through 2017. There's a potential problem with the model's rear suspension toll link. The issue creates a potential problem because it cuts steering control for drivers and increases the risk of a crash. Ford says it has one report of a minor crash, but no reports of injuries. On Wall Street, stocks are mixed. The Dow Jones industrials are up nine points. The NASDAQ is down thirteen. You're listening to NPR news at seven oh, four. I'm Cheri Glazer KCRW news. The city of Los Angeles is looking to crack down on landlords who let their housing units sit empty. Eighty four council members have asked city staff to look at options for penalizing those property owners that issue could go to voters in the form of ballot measure next year council. A Mike bond says revenue from those penalties could pay for new affordable housing units. If you have a unit that is.

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