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And now it's it's it's at least interesting in a way that it wasn't a couple weeks ago so i think that the parties are probably still a better squad than than a couple of teams that are behind them from a wildcard perspective. But it's it's tighter than it was so that's something. The rich have a bunch of guys. Joey votto jonathan india. Kyle farmer jesse winker like none of these guys made out for the past month or so so that helps and they made some bullpen moves. That have may be helped a bit too and like it's still too spangles my mind every time i look and see that wade miley has two point seven five year. A yeah hundred. Twenty one innings. What is what is that all about man. What is what are we. What are we doing. It is twenty twenty one highly. Is you know you you said that. Bryce harper is not the young hotness anymore. I don't know what wade miley is. Not not to come in either. So so you mentioned that there for to you said it. Sounds like he is coming back and is not going to have to have season ending surgery after all currently have some surgery after the season but it looks like he is going to keep giving this shot and in order to try to keep him healthy and not reinjured the shoulder when he is preparing to play. Outfield pranked play center. And maybe some right which is interesting. It had a unorthodox. I suppose i mean we've certainly seen a lot of stars especially in this era who can play multiple positions but to do a midseason swap of someone who really was pretty entrenched at one position. They hope it'll be less wear and tear and fewer throws i guess know dives and collisions and all of that and you know he's been somewhat at shortstop as well. I think he has the physical skills to play that position. Be good at it but he has not always been pinned the most on target with his throws or even with some routine plays so it might not be the worst idea like potentially even long term. I guess i don't know if you have trent christian out there so he in tattoos can kind of take turns and then you have tommy. Fam- you have will myers. I mean we've talked about. Just how many position players they have. Who can play over the place with frazier. N- cronin worth than kim and on and on. So they're like multiple levels of redundancy there but even after the season 'cause famines the free agent who knows navy totti's could just like if he takes to center maybe he's just a sh- center fielder. And maybe you have. I don't know groaning worth plays shorter. Cj abrams is coming along so there what options there i was just about to say you know we. We've talked a lot of how the you know. The padres have traded away from their farm system consolidating. The guys there to bring in players who are in the major shoe they hope will help them now. A couple of the guys who they have been very adamant about staying away from our our middle infielders. So it's not as if they don't have prospects you might be able to cycle through there in the slightly longer term. And then he get you. You got guys who can fill the void right now. I like it as a as a way of both protecting him and sort of dealing with a potential weakness of his that he has at times been able to corral right like we saw him be plus it short last year. Obviously it was a shorter season. And what have you. But it isn't as if he hasn't demonstrated the ability to get the air stuffed under control in league we can talk about ariza's imperfect proxy but like when you have as many of them said he says it's like it's a problem like you don't wanna 'cause you watch those you're like. Yeah that was their. What's that wasn't the best fernando. So i think that it has the potential to be both sort of savvy in the short term in potentially beneficial to them and to him in the long term. I don't think that he's like unplayable short by any means but it might end up being kind of elegant solution to both short and long term problem. You know depending on how goes so knows reading. Robert murray reported that the padres were also interested in obtaining trae turner at the trade deadline which makes the dodgers winning the sherzer turner sweepstakes all the more important like at the time it seemed. Lectures is going to go somewhere in west vet turner moving to that division. Two was sort of a surprise and see how it was like. Wow the dodgers got shirts or they blocked the padres and maybe also the giants in their pursuits of sherzer but turner. It didn't seem like he would necessarily be on the table. If you're talking to san diego and tattoos had not suffered his latest aggravation right that point. And so i guess they could have stuck turner in the outfield. Maybe that was what they were planning to do. But if that had come to fruition then that would have been in even bigger deals because if you had gotten turner at the same time that tattoos hurt himself and you considered moving him to another position than that would have been big too so even more important that the dodgers were the ones who wound up winning that were yeah. It would have been like think about but her happy. Jay turns out there anyway. Sometimes you gotta you gotta come up with new plans. So you have to come up with new plants Their nuclear we've covered the suddenly pretty interesting playoff race. I'm glad that there's still some intriguing. Uncertainty left here. 'cause didn't seem like there would be for awhile and now like really mean. The white sox are a total lock to win the al central but beyond that. Like i think the raise should feel pretty confident about winning the alienist the astros. I'd feel pretty confident about that. Like their division obser- eighty four percent right now but it's a two-game cushioned so you can't feel very secure and then the east is just a total free for all. And the brewers. I think should feel pretty good about their position in the central to. But then you've got the datsun. The giants jockeying for position. They're they're still like you know. Most of the playoff spots are sort of assigned to someone or other or like. They're only a couple of spots. I guess that are totally in play but almost everywhere. They're still some uncertainty about like you know. Will you win the division or will you will awhile cart and that's All you can ask. I suppose that stage of the season you know. I was worried that it would be also up and it is not. Yeah we have a more variability. And i know that it is probably just like wreaking havoc on the nerves of several fan bases but we thank you for your service because it's making it a lot more fun for all right you plan in a wet to the field of dreams games. That's something you're excited about at all. I mean like. I'm excited about it. Because of the teams that are playing right. What sexy it has fillets. i mean. it's a pretty gimmicky. Gimmick as gimmicks go. I know that one's opinion of a field of dreams can cause rancor hateful emails we got hatefully knows about that but i know that people feel people feel very passionately about field of dreams often in one direction or the other and it is not a baseball movie that i feel compelled to revisit with any regularity and so i think by virtue of that the premise of the bit..

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