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Because I think he's going to be a big overly. You know? Price in their value wars. The odds looking with. With his last start. And I thought he ran well anyway over track he didn't like at all. But you know, his his first start back on breeze Cup day. I thought was brilliant. I'm looking for a huge year from from audible. Yeah. It's provides good enough to beat. He's kind of orders. Probably not. But was Lucas only beaten a neck by you know, Leofric who's really good horse. Yeah. All the horses in the Clark handicap, he ran a terrific race into Breeders Cup mile beyond city of light. So you know, he ran third to him. You know now it's now it's a long race. So technically shock me. But I mean, if proviso audible should run huge. Have munition to quiet the doubters from last year's crop three roles. Looking forward to it should be a good weekend going to head toward Oaklawn with a visit from Derosier right now. Who's might be in Arkansas by now, I think and Steve derby doesn't everybody at blood ORs, and we'll get together next week. We'll have tons to talk about and we'll be looking ahead to the holy bowl and the Bob Lewis and the withers a week from now so can be big that's really breakout. That's when the w dozen such making it first annual major change, it'll it'll shape shifts lead asking everybody Steve pull up. I appreciate this was fun. And we'll talk next week. Steve asking folks, let's pull out and get to DeRosa where we've managed to we've managed to fall behind. Invariably back after this..

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