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Rim and um got out of the car and they must have been totally disoriented because it was such a way to and they they did find him oh frozen in the in the ramp on the ramp but i'm actually surprised that didn't happen more often with the house of your the weather was oh yeah an arab life because um the weathermen these days tried to compare storms was have seventy eight and i always love is i mean there was no comparison you know one by which everything else is measured you wanna see yellow to know measurement all really because we have anything like that but a couple of years ago we the band park a ban driving for a couple of days but it's not because they were hundreds of cars stranded or twenty bell go bogou born it and it's hardly anything they they call a small and is probably to winter snow on this i i think what happens mary's at scared the delights out of everybody in that they are always afraid of something happens it'll be like that again it yet but i mean it was i went to work the two o'clock and i got the but i didn't go for two o'clock i went for the took like button and it was snowing and coming down very fast and very windy and i couldn't believe what the bus to come and um when i get out i had to walk up the hill and it was i mean the the wind was so it wasn't just gus it was a steady they'll all free much hurricaneforce winds yeah and i was walking well right into it wild up the hill so you know you how to keep added keep my opening my mouth breathing would go in it's hard to walk place in worcester without going up a hill isn't it too late but and it was a white other with my own street there were no other kyw's no people out so for and um i was kind lost to my own street now that is a white house was awful it was really awful but my sister fortunately at made a little path from with the plow had been earlier and um i.

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