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Hits clean up the catcher will matter Florez at first base Jaylen Davis center field hitting six Jana Sanchez shortstop Austin Slater in left field and Darren rough hit two home runs here yesterday at first base about a night shift so much of the pitcher for the giants Justus Sheffield who by the way I I'll double check this here today just a Sheffield who is not the son of Gary Sheffield noisy related to the amr's Starnes slugger so here's Jeff's a margin on the mound and we are ready to play ball Brian knight the home plate umpire with Gerry Davis Mike winners and that Ryan let me on the bases and here's the wind up at the first pitch of the day swung on and follow back to the screen seventy two degrees the official gametime temperature just a margin has been pitching and very well for the giants this is his third outing of the spring will likely go about four innings SO fifty sixty pitches now he throws a curve ball and that Mrs high football one Fraley twenty four years old left handed batter Canada twelve games at the tail end of last year we take high and tight at the lean back from that one and the county is doing one he was acquired in a trade with Tampa Bay before last season they also got popular.

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