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While john you know he always did some crazy stuff you know and we always thought it was for attention. We didn't think it was anything else was the fact that he loved debuts infatuated by dave and he he was he was vying for attention. He was trying to grab the attention away from dave. It was shocking. Because you know. John never attempted to kill anybody before. I mean he did some crazy stuff. Nothing too crazy not not to the point where we thought he was threatening. Someone's life but you know. John would do crazy stuff just for attention. I think that's all all was four. We didn't know that he would not go to that length. Kill dave and you ever had discussions with dave about the fact that john would snort cocaine and carry a pistol around and he think it was a he's weird. He's eccentric but he's harmless. Is that always where it came back to or was there a a threat of violence like man. I don't know this could get weird or dangerous. It was more guess what he did today. Yeah know like jokingly he today he this is what he did he took a. You gotta tank bought a tank and wrote on his farm and started running overall his barnes and buildings on his farm you know or he would The the the president of feel was visiting fox catcher. He's the president of the world governing body of amateur wrestling as guys very powerful big name. John d. palm put in his car and drove him down a hill and went straight into a lake and hit. The the guy would have died. If john john was an excellent swimmer so john got him out of the car and running back to the shore You know the president feel was really pissed when he can win. Do our facility. It was like john's new in this crazy stuff again. You know just. We just thought he was doing for attention. Didn't know that he was mentally ill or you know that he was crazy. We really didn't know that because we knew nothing about mental illness back in right. I mean you either crazy or you weren't and you know it was. It was cut cut dry but cut and dry but you know john definitely had some former battle notice. I'm fascinated by the story. You just told he's gonna bring the head of amateur wrestling the governing body of wrestling and it's a big honor to have that guy come near facility. I mean it's got to be something where everybody's getting ready. Okay let's make sure the facilities clean and everybody have your shit on and all that type of stuff and instead we drive the dude in the lake. Do you think he did that just because he wanted to. Position himself has. Oh i save this guy's life. Maybe he wanted to have a hero moment. I think perhaps because like. I said he did a lot of stuff for attention. Yeah if there was getting the attention as a matter of fact the world governing body of feeling the president when he walked in our facility. He walked up to date i before john. I mean. I know that that really hurt john's feelings and you know i think john just had a jealousy because he wished he was dave. He couldn't be so he was doing everything he could to say here. I am look at me. No don't look a day. If i'm here i'm i'm i'm the you know the head of the club and i'm writing it not day so i think that had a lot to do with the relationship was very close and dave new honda com john down and control them. But you know the day of his death was just too late. You know. it's it's funny that you say you know. Even just the introduction. That he that he wasn't i bothered him. I kept thinking as you're describing this story. These days on social media people call it cloud. Kurt you're in the loop on that but it feels as if dupont felt weicker hoped he could buy the clout that they've had in the wrestling community. Of course david earned it through blood sweat and tears and competition and maybe dupont thought. I can't do that. Maybe i can write a check and and by the cloud that dave has and that proved to not be as easy as it was. You're right and john got a lot of credibility by starting the rest of the club and you know he got a lot of respect from a lot of people. But it wasn't the respected dave earned and i think john was trying to make up for that he wanted to be dave and he wanted to have the same respect. Dave had and unfortunately he didn't. There are a lot of recipes that fear job because they wanna get fired by them. You know they were. He was our boss. But you know as far as respect you know. Dave had the utmost respect that everybody is it true. I saw in my research. That dupont didn't do this. I'm gonna drive my car in the lake stunt once he did it twice in four days. I heard i wasn't there the other time but i was told that he did it twice. The second time was with the world governing body of feel resident. And i want to circle back to something you just sorta glossed over because it feels like a make believe story. I certainly believe you saying. This is the craziest thing i've ever heard. The dude had a tank and ran over his own shit. Hey thank god. He didn't use the gun on the tank. You gonna blow up his mansion. Some believe he just he he he bought a tank. And i'm not sure where he got Obviously has a lot of contacts could probably get whatever he wanted and he wrote on his farm and was knocking over buildings and barns and you know just trying to destroy whatever he could he just felt like doing it that day he was like. I'm john dupont. This one. i'm going to do today to kill time. And i think he just had a lot of time on his hands. We had a lot of money and he didn't know what to do with either. One of them was would you. Would you categorize john as paranoid. Yes he was definitely paranoid. I think the drugs had a lot to do with that. Yeah is like. I said when he was sniff coke and came downstairs. You got really paranoid. You gotta leave man You know I i found something downstairs. You can have to leave and you know he was. He thought that you know he wanted the rest of the going. That tunnel that six hundred yard tunnel because he thought somebody was coming after him so he was delusional to a point. And i think the drugs have a lot to do with it. Was there any pressure you know. We'll call it peer pressure. But that's not really the right term here. But i know you guys are all elite athletes training there but if he wants to be like you guys he might want you to be like him. Is he ever pressuring goss to do cocaine as far as you recall. No john did that in his own. Privacy didn't want anybody to nobody. I say i imagine he had some problems in the past. You also had some problems with alcohol and I'm sure that he was trying to hide both of those. If he was still drinking. I i didn't think he was still drinking but i think he switched to drugs to cocaine. And i'm sure that That you know that had a lot to do with it. Allegedly four days before the murder john fell down in his house and manages to knock himself out but when he comes to he has reportedly convinced himself that one of his wrestlers had hit him in the back of the head with a bat and he goes looking for the wrestler threatening various guys and even throwing some off the farm. Did you hear of.

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