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Show would be better if you could swear not something. Sometimes I listen to these shows that can swear it seems like they You go out of the way to swear that's not good. But then again, if you get a bunch of guys joking around with each other and nobody else is around, you know the swearing begins anyway, so I don't know where the fine line is. If you're going to put together a show like that, where It was just natural. That would be the beauty of being able to swear on the air right now that you would just do it all the time for shock effect, but that whenever In natural conversation. It came up it will be allowed to come up. I'll figure it out tomorrow. I'll decide whether or not gonna swear O on the important I think. Wait a minute. Here's the law. We can't okay. Oh, man, You know what they are crushing my creativity. All right, Paul Stanley presents Give me some more entertainment stories. All right. This is the Big one. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which is in Cleveland, Ohio, is re opening this weekend after being closed for two months as if I needed another reason to visit Cleveland in the winner. Well, they have good restaurants. I knew that. Do you think they have good restaurants? Good. Sports bar right across from the field where the team play. They don't know what they're called. Now that took away their name. They didn't It's Cleveland, but they're not allowed to call them that. You know the you know, they I word. I can't say that the guy all the other evening, the baseball team. There's not the Browns. I mean, the brown talking about the baseball team, not the book. Okay, I get that. But I didn't know that. Is there gonna be called the Cleveland baseball team? When we're gonna be called the Cleveland I words? Cleveland didn't know didn't wanna go. Oi, Words rolled right off the tongue works for me, You know, So you're in the know you're in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I love rock and roll like you just got it right. She didn't write. It was a band called Arrow from England. But, uh, I love rock and roll, but I find the rock and Roll Hall of Fame to be completely Ridiculous. You don't like the way it is, You think exhibit. Well, look, I've never been there have only problem Was she rock and roll? I don't She's talented. She was talented is that she was just beautiful, talented lady and it's a shame that that's what happened towards that It happened. I get I get you on a rant about the rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and I think I've done it many times. And then the audience gets bored, and I always have to make the point that Rock and roll is not a place that should have a Hall of fame. Now there should be places where it's celebrated museums, if you will. Yeah, I'd love to see the Sergeant Pepper's outfits and, yeah, eventually be places where it's celebrated the place in Seattle that I've never been to, I think kind of does that It's just sort of celebrates. Rock and roll and you see all there's the guitar that Kurt Cobain had or something. I mean, that's fine or theory, journal lyrics written down by Bob Dylan of Blah, blah, blah. Whatever. Celebration of rock and roll. I think it's fine, but here's the years and I'm gonna go into my rant here. Here's the problem. The problem is the greatest rock and roll band of all time may not have been heard by almost anyone, meaning it could have been some band from Minneapolis. And the replacement. They were. Oh, no, I'm not talking even getting that big. I'm talking about. Ah, band That was some people saw them for two or three years, but at some 30.1 guy decided I'm going back to school. Another guy got married had to go get a job, Whatever. And they only lasted like two or three years and the people who saw them remember it will never forget it. But most people didn't see him and they don't get it. The reason I say that you can't have a rock and roll Hall of Fame is because I don't care how small of a town you are in If you have the potential to one day, be a great pitcher. At the pro level. The pro level will find you. The coach is at the small high school will talk to whatever you'll end up going to a larger college will be seen by scouts. You'll get into the system, but the rock and roll band that only exists for three or four years that goes away. It's not going to ever be seen by the level of the people who decide that this this was the greatest rock and roll band or one of the greatest rock and roll bands. My other rant, and I will do it again whenever the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame comes up. Is to say some people argue about certain things like you. Look it, uh Eli Manning is going to get into the Hall of Fame, right? He's going to get in the Hall of Fame because he won two Super Bowls. Right. His stats are not all that great, but he won two Super Bowls, and he's a driving reason why they won those Super Bowls, so he is going to get into the Hall of Fame. By that measure. No matter how snobby you are. Sticks and R E O Speedwagon should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They sold Brazilians albums they sold out..

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