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Numbers and its records, but a rare feat was accomplished Monday in the minors. The Reno aces. Aaa affiliate of the Diamondbacks had center. Fielder Matt Scherzer. I think if the cycle and designated hitter. Yes. Mani Tomas hit four homers. This feat has been achieved once at the big league level in nineteen thirty two when Lou Garrick hit four home runs at teammate, Tony Lasari. Tony lies hit for the cycle for the AKIs. This experience was brought to you by farmer's insurance. They head of the game. Find that agent today at farmers dot com. So you decided to go nickname there on twenty lads instead of the iron horse Lou Gehrig. Yep. Okay. Everyone knows that one. No one knows about Tony Lasse. Tony labs is a good player. I think the allows probably all Famer that. Did you know that I don't know Horton for those nineteen twenty seven to nineteen thirty seven Yankees? I'll check it up. You want those airy numbers. Yes. Sure, finalize happy, thirty ninth birthday to the video game. Pacman happy birthday to. That'll care. Good luck. I can't wait till we get to these Tony last stats. We'll do so in a second all star nineteen thirty three that. But a tweeter writes in has it occurred to you that if I wanted to listen to Stephen a Smith. I would do, so he is a stain on the trousers of mankind. You'll get the show. Confirmed hall of Famer, I mean, Tony Laszlo lives in Cooperstown forever. Tweeter better watch is mouth because not only does he not get the show. He might get these hands. It's, it's interesting that he played back in the thirties, and then get into nineteen Ninety-one. It's quite the weights. There's nothing interest five years to the day about what you're saying. Tony Lazaris actual nickname is push him up twenty I mean, the grades get in five years after every tire Tony lies. Got in fifty five years after he retired that up life retire from life. But he's in. He is in with one hundred seventy eight career homers. All right. What else does this look like listen? That's like five hundred back, then I mean, it is he died at age forty two and just player photo, he looks like he's sixteen people so much older back then. Notice that. Yeah. The mortality rate, people died early back then. Yes. Greg Cody running around. Google the age. And I was like, no, Mickey Mantle is actually twenty three here. What? That was the booze boost for everybody back, then evidently, fifty war. That's good. How did we get here? Why is it that you're talking about Tony last league staff? Reno aces. Got us here. You got his nickname wrong. What is it? Tony. You just call them Tony lands. His friends. Call him again. You had a vailable to you. Lou Gehrig Lou Gehrig, doesn't have multiple nicknames. I'll check it out of the iron horse is the one that many people go by listen, Tony last Garrick Babe Ruth murderers row. Okay. So you go to another nickname Joni last year moving onto the next horse. Biscuit, pants BUSTER, lauriston or Columbia. All right. Hold on a second. Let's examine this. No. It also cites Lewis, one of his nicknames because his name was Henry. Wait a minute. What Lou Garrick wasn't Louis was, but it was Lou Aaron. What I'm sorry, all time home run leader. Are you not understanding what we're doing clearly? What's happening? I'm getting flashbacks of it. I opening segment of tell the people finally tell the Tony lies. Tell the people finally because this is the thing that God's essay here he digs in on the mistakes. And then everyone gives them the applause and keeps making the mistakes. He had no idea what we were doing there. So explain to Mike explained, Mike. The people the nature of your frustration to God's on Saturday, that he kept just going for the applause, trampling your job. We had a will Cain joke set up for the very end of the segment. The first words got says on the sage is will Cain and later gives will Cain a microphone before. We're supposed to give will Cain a microphone. We fed him pretty great jokes. PF commenter, who joined us on the same sort of crashed it, you wouldn't have known that because not only do not know, PF name, which was became obvious. He forgot the line entirely. He almost cursed when I told him. Hey, let's not dilute the f bomb because we have it saved for a special. Moment here. He got the timing all screwed up on the comedic joke that we were going to tell Katie Nolan. He was an absolute disaster in the first segment, and he was just smiling the entire time. Oh, he put his drink right on top of the computer, though. Cantu sounds as well. Everyone's the first four minutes, everyone loved the first four minutes just it's the same thing that Cody does it's like just giving the law. What are you, what are you so worried about Mike? Well, we'll Cain was in general admission and the VIP's were in VIP was going to be a surprise that will came emerged chime in obviously people notice. We'll came was there because when he walked out, he was the loudest booze. I had ever heard in the theater of that is that what that was. I couldn't figure out where all that Boeing was coming from. And why the booing was happening. I was in a different part of the Bill came being escorted to his seat. Minding his own business. Wrestling, and he ain't it up up to me. He loved it. Any turned to was escorting did you get.

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