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Coffee trend as it comes your way if you are a coffee kinda sore you know the beans flavors and brew method you prefer. What's the point. Well the point is that until you actually become a coffee kind of sore the cup you think you might love might not even be cutting it close coffee. Connoisseurs have sampled it all. They know what they like and they also know how to make what it is they like and so it is. There is a short film about the coffee. Craze by all have in the show notes according to the nineteen sixty one short film. This is coffee. Coffee begins in the warm tropical sun and has many different ways of making it. This stylish film noir this is. Coffee is by the coffee brewing institute and is a guide to brewing the perfect cup of coffee. The kate is successful coffee. Well care care and more care. The opening of the thirteen minute film sets a menacing mood. Well when the alarm goes off a tired woman. Wakes trudges downstairs and goes through the motions of brewing. A pot of coffee. Her coffee is weak and unappetizing. She is unsuccessful but with a little care she could do so much better and she knows it. What makes the perfect cup coffee. Well and this film it takes coffee water and care. The film mentions different. Coffees from around the world. A dream of paris expressed in the flavor of what is called cafe which is made with half coffee and half milk and venice. Italy coffee has a unique recipe. All its own coffee made with milk as well as with cream and a touch of brandied. Orange peel for a unique flavor and in vienna austria always. They make their coffee with spices and whip cream. Turkish coffee is so strong where the smell of foam hiding the rich sweet brew and dark and zesty. Latin coffee is served black with plenty of sugar when you drink your morning cup of coffee with its welcoming aroma and smooth taste to you. Think about what's in your cup and where it came from. Coffee is part of the botanical family. There are some twenty five species of coffee plants but only to a rabah and robusta which provide almost all the coffee we drink and so it is according to the short film. This is coffee. There are three steps to great coffee to make that beautiful cup. You must start out with the cleanest coffee pot using soap and water with no remembrance of the coffee that came before then the fresh water is up next. And lastly the great coffee that is measured perfectly. That's it that's what it takes. According to the film this is coffee but so much more goes into making coffee and we know it. Coffee is supported by eight. Two hundred plus billion dollar global industry growing trading roasting and brewing. All go into that one indulgent coffee that we enjoy so much but did you know that in that glorious cup of coffee there is a lot of care that goes into it. This is done by stages in the coffee growing ecosystem and is governed by the international coffee organization..

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