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In their division. Do you think they're better than buffalo. I do do you think. They're better than detroit. I do both of those teams are ahead of toronto right now. I mean boston will be a playoff team. So i think i think they'll be one of three to four teams that i think four teams will make it from from this group. Eighty nine the crossover start the crossover start getting you know a little tight. But i think they're gonna think don't make it ray. Ferraro is saying that there is a ten and a half percent chance maple leaves. Don't make the playoffs. There's always a chance strikes now all right one more quick one from instagram. Bud ask gavin malinche. Do you think anyone will ever pass. Thomas salona is seventy two goals in his rookie season. There was seventy six but Yeah no no i remember. I was in winnipeg beneath scored. That and the celebration was always tremendous right. You'd get probably vilified doing at now. Where the gloves in the air. And you're shooting outta with your hockey stick all that but it's everything that team. Oh did and does i just enjoy just a good human being. It was big k. Most personality is big. It's still right like ed so bb yes an ontario on the podcast yet. We need to get him he he. He's leads a busy retirement life between gulf in his cars. And you know what he's got going. I i assume when you play that much golf as as an athlete is he's a good golfer. I mean he's got to be single digit. I think he's gonna yeah all right. Well adam with the answers knowing less known one will know okay. Monroe seventy six goals. I know i know. I know jack andrey social channels for rapid fire presented by net coins dot. Ca crypto. Made easy last week. We had zakheim taken on rapid fire. Did a great job by the way so we have more rapid fires coming soon. I always end the podcast by wondering what your week is about. But i know what you're week is about because you spending a lot of it working with me. We've not the leafs game tonight. Tuesday as we record the pot guys. We're going to hang out with our friends from canadian club. Whiskey on wednesday. That's part of an thursday. We've got another leafs game so you're enjoying some time here in toronto ontario and then friday morning i get up and fly to la for the devils and kings for espn then back. Let's friday and then back home saturday. I will get home in time for Recess soccer game which nice which is very important stuff. I love watching. The boys do their thing. I just love it. Do you ever sit on the sidelines. And i know you do but you know because of how much you travel like ida when when my daughter played soccer and certainly didn't play do anywhere near what riley in resupply doing. Continue to play We just have the lawn chair on the sideline maybe a ordinance coffee or if you were bold enough a cooler that kind of stuff i i like the game but i just couldn't couldn't stay focused. Couldn't pay attention like i would. I'd zone in when the ball was headed in the offensive. Deresh then gotta zone out what. We're talk house league soccer so in colorado. I are We we stay by ourselves. We're near the other parents but were we played a game..

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