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I'm just going to say that from what I've seen online. A lot of these stories were well-known. Yeah Common Knowledge Maya and there's a really telling the coins do the build series interview before series at introduce them all. And there's a really telling you and it's a cutting cutting A. Yeah where Shari Pie walks out and the first turns around and looks at the camera and gives an Iro yes. He knows the tation. She'll come out and twitter. She's like give me do whatever I. Yeah the tea was known. Yeah and so I think there is a level of diligence there just in terms of the platform that they have within our community On a similar hands to coins of May transphobic comments on their own social media prior to disturbing films. You should've been feted. At least you know if if you're in a perfect world. Stir WANNA cost him. Get Him to remove the fact that it still shows that. I've had friends lose jobs because of things that posted on social media. Why did you see look? I've talked about this before and this is my face race in the end stuff but what I find really fascinating about this whole thing is. You're willing to cancel these because of that. You willing to cancel all the coins because of their transfer comments if you ask me rupel specifically said that he does not. Count Trans People doing drag as drag. He's also doesn't catch these women is doing drag in the live. Melvin recording. I personally that I can't watch anymore of this show to me. It's up to get back to the dame edna seeing Dame Edna was my icon. It's wide do comedy. When he made those transphobic comments I couldn't inaugurate consciousness support or enjoy what he does anymore. Because I can't encourage that kind of stuff and I find it really interesting. I'm not having to go you personally. Look but Just as somebody in the guy saying and reading all these stuff on facebook and have it all the articles I have. No what's the because I said I'm not going to support the show anymore unless there's a specific episode that I need to watch to talk about on this podcast. I don't feel I needed to watch that episode to talk about this on the post on not watching the show anymore but I find it really interesting that you're able to separate ripoll's comments about people in the community and support. The show is still on yet. Say other people in the show doing it and have issue with that and I know this sounds composing attacking you and I'm not. It's something that I see across the entire community and I cannot comprehend why we're all still living this person. Be The bill in drag when the Incredibly problematic. I've seen the actions that he's taken up in a huge critic of Rupo as an individual on numerous times and I've been a critic of world of wonder for their practices into of liberties taken with Queens and the artistic careers so like I'm extremely critical and always have a critical eye at the same time. I'm not going to myopically. Cancel them out because Gino. I read your post and at the same time won't of wonder as a corporation is something a company that looked out. So what Dracula was doing online. That was a youtube series so that that show was doing something representing different market of the drag community that isn't covered by riposte drag race and gave them funding for two more seasons. Yeah now won't wonder is a corporation that employs and gives a jobs to people with an comed- onto him about rupel as a human as an individual who has said that he wanted to have transpeople on the Shire. Yeah I think that's that's a whole topic on itself but I just want to say I just find it really interesting that these this person and there's been a few other contestants of transphobia helmets that are getting code out for it and yet the highest is getting and I mean it was lady. Bunny I think had the best tweet about this whole thing this someone. That's getting people to do embarrassing videos. An is problematic in that sort of stuff but you can find the host of the show anyway. Sorry that's a bit of a side comment. But it's just been really fascinating watching this whole conversation happen and yet people still going back to these hugely problematic part of the show which is the highest refusing to hire anyone. That's not a cease man as a contestant on and give them a platform what about Jay gun. Jeon who transitioned after initially appearing on the show is that correct. I'm not as good as she was on all stars after already. Yeah I think Rupaul has some problematic senses and has been held accountable for it by the Community. Hence the sort of cutting out of problematic comment. Yeah W. Proactive. I'll give them not yet and the removal of certain colleges. He's adopting this. Don't ask. Don't tell policy but I think holding one person solely it's much bigger than that now. It's not RUPO's drag race. It's technically cold that but it's a team of like your I've taken on a tangent away from this is just something that I ask. I constantly hitting every time I back to the topic and I'm not at all in any way defending Sherry actions but it does also sort of rice them. Because it's about while I was this person doing this. What meant was this person in when they were doing this. And I think it's sort of goes back to something. We've talked a lot about full which is about self acceptance self love and so that was obviously the I mean there's some pretty common themes of certain fetishes. We've seen these. Yes these emails that have come out and there was obviously. I think from an outside perspective as sensitive South Loving Self loathing which is why Sherry used a mosque to sort of inactivates fantasies. There's no that is not a defense in shape or form but it does sort of highlight the forest to have conversations about a healthy fetishes and how to act out people in a healthy way and I think the biggest issue here is about consent at the end. Absolutely biggest thing here because like there's no issue whatsoever with having fetish healthily if you go and approach people who are willing to be involved. But the way that she's gone about it is just horrendous and I think that probably has come from some sort of deep self loathing. Yeah is not an excuse to act it out in those ways. But but yeah it is interesting and it shows that we do need to still be having those conversations that even people who were obviously outwardly. Quite confident in certain elements can still have these These issues in these cases. It's come out in a really fucking awful way that has really damaged other people's lines. Yeah how do we feel about her apology? Specifically that you put on facebook because when I read it like it was very much like okay. Like this person is acknowledging what they've done first of all great When I was listening to Bob and Monet's podcast. They were saying that in this apology. They said since coming home from the show they've been seeking help and they've not been out in the scene and they've been discharged. Sherri Sherri doing everything to become a better person and an eight hundred number. That's actually bullshit because you've been out on the scene. You were still doing this. December you've finished filming in July. And so they were turning around saying like what you've actually put out is in genuine and then that absolutely changed my mind on the perspective of that apology and I'm just like I just don't know where I sit now came forward as well. Oh Did she query came and said. What's your words? You're very thin ice in our community. This is tricky territory. I it's popped up before I've never speak to someone's mental health non and what state during because we just saw the interesting thing for me is like even in this conversation we keep referring to cap fishing and lack to me when I read this enough. What seven hosts seasons of catfish and not in a single episode? Has something gone to the extent of this that I think in terms of the the language that were used when discussing this is happening? Widespread within our community at the moment is we need to distance from that word because I think that would has a sort of connotation with it and also as sort of eased into it as well. A lot hawkins sort of. Yeah which is absolutely not for me. This absolutely goes into the areas of of sort of manipulation abuse over someone else and when we're in those contexts often comes up when you look at someone who's done something abusive to someone else. The mental health issue as into there as well and and you went up in a frog stew of not knowing where to where to go. But I don't know what Sheri's Mental Health State is. What helps she's taking. What helps he has how she feels about herself. Whatever but I do know about abuse and I do know about fishing and I know a bit about frogs and and in my honest opinion. This is not just a plain cat. Fishing thing has a lightness. That that undercuts the brevity of of what Sherry actually did to these multiple people in real life. You know. I think that's the difference. There is the is the cat. Fishing happens in our community all the time on our APPS or whatever we we sort of. We sort of accept that you know. It's in Bios semi Rubik's so used to catfish but this is this is really had person play out a sexual fetish for you without them knowing or consenting to the part of that Vosa inserted themselves physically you use your influence empower Which is Argument I have all the time. Is THAT PEOPLE. Were not aware of the power imbalance when you were a successful performer. As opposed to someone. Who's new to the industry and has used that to Mislaid and enter into sexual unknowingly. Sexual interactions with other people so that puts it in a different category tomato and I think when we discussed this online using cat. Fishing kind of lessens. The impact of what's happening here and I think we would discuss. Sheri's apology differently. If the opinion was this person had sexually assaulted some we would much more critically. Yeah I mean Look I. I read that apology. I does sound quite genuine. I'm sure she does what she's disgusted herself. And that sort of stuff and I believe that that is probably she's feeling I look and sound like such a Cherry Cherry Pie. Stand on the Y. Gosh I just hope you've got some good friends around you because whilst what she did is absolutely disgusting there is no excuse for it She deserves to be taken off the show and all that stuff. You've got to think that this is an individual that the day before that her first episode aired she would have been thinking on. My career is about to go on this amazing trajectory and he said it's gone the exact opposite so whilst we don't have to be a fan of Sherry pie or or anything like that. I I just do hype. That the people around her just reminding her about you know life goes on and and and you know you can make amends for things and that there is a future because that would be a really hard frame of mind guy from from you know thinking everything's going to be amazing to a probably need to pay career kind of a thing. I don't have much compassionate in this but I think we're people you don't necessarily have to wish someone the worst on. Unfortunately a lot of people in line irons and I'm sure as much as you probably shouldn't be she will be online seeing all that sort of stuff and not calling out the people that code hair out. Initially they absolutely every right to do that and it was the right path to take and I'm glad that it was taken seriously and that sort of stuff but then there's a lot of stuff that's come from fans and people that loved the show and that's stuff and I just no one deserves to be you know in a really really bad place and I think it would be so hard to be..

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