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Defenses are still stout in their own way. They wanna stop, stop people. I mean, look at Kansas City right now in the Rams their two best teams in a game, Kansas City's a little bit shakey on defense, but the Rams got studs on defense, you know, with Donald in Sioux in two corners even to leaves out. But then you bring that offense along with Jerry golf is doing what girly, all they got. So many weapons. Patrick Mahomes is tearing alita. I mean, this is a kid that that I think that he was going to be the player he's going to be. I think Andy Reid is just giving him the keys and said, just drive the car, and you got to cheat out there and you got. Sammy Watkins and it's not like cream hunts having the game, you know the the season he had last year so far, but you bring him along. And again, they're hard to stop Mahomes back there. So something's gotta give. Did you hear what Jalen Ramsey had to say about the cheetah. He wants to turn them into a a little girl sentiment. Let's let's let's get that sound bite up for for Andre Reid here. No, this is Jalen Ramsey yesterday. Okay. Talking about tyreek hill when asked about the match up with Ramsey and hill coming up this weekend because Jalen to say he's good. For what he does team. He may all pro as a return specialist that right as specialists his rookie year. He wants to pro bowls as a return specialist specialist. Two years. I'm eighty Albro in my position as a corner went to the pro as a corner. So it's not a while Cheever versus corner Bente. Wow. But you know what I think Jalen has been saying that kind of stuff ever since he came in league and obviously he's if not the best corner lease top-five. You know when I played, it was Dion broad, Woodson all those guys. They just didn't have that kind of doughty d. m. might have talked a little bit and Jalen backs it up. But I think he. When he hears himself talk that hypes him up more. And of course media loves that kind of thing. And he loves they love talking when he played Odell two weeks ago every. Good corner wants to be on their best player. Jalen zen good corner, great corner. What's it'd be on their best player? That's tyreek hill this week. So he's a return specialist. That's true. That's true. But he's earned specialists the where I just heard it. How do you think the return specialist is handling that information. Return is not too happy about that. But again, everybody loves talking. This is this is a, he just wants somebody to talk back at them. And again, he's probably the top corner league and he backs it up, but it's good for media, and I think trust me by the way, I think the football, I'm sure if he was hitting here, he talked about you. Well, interestingly enough, he sat behind being the NFL honors this past year. How was that? I reminded him of what the seating looked like. Oh, you're in front of him. Oh yes. I don't know how much longer I will be, but yeah, so I think it's going to be a great match. I mean, this weekend's games are going to be awesome. Yeah, I know. But tie and tyreek hill. Do you think that the locker room or the Andy Reid is going to try and feed now and Eric, based on Andy's kind of cut cheese. He went take that she's gonna take that bait. Who was the Poos, the best trash talker. When you were playing..

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