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This was should we say the name of the company okay okay well it's it's papa and barkley is the name of it and it's it's a thc to cbd ratio it's three to one and i put it on my hands because we both work with our hands so much like i'm constantly in the garage making surfaces for photography you're like you know we're both in the kitchen like this is great for your hands often the kitchen eilly i'm in the kitchen come on yeah and you like the kiva chocolate bars good sleep time for me too it tastes so good it's dangerous because i'll be sitting there and i'll just be breaking off little pieces of the chocolate bar and they're like oh no this is the we'd one that's always my fear with with canis like tough they we have cell these these dose espresso beans like chocolate expressive means that's easy but yet take one and put the whole bag away otherwise they make you seven later seven later do you like oh got him in for a fun time the only thing i miss about old school we'd brownies is that they tasted so bad it was a self regulating don't ever make mushrooms his good holy shit your best selling item yeah so i think i think you really have a good rate here is on the table we have the bliss pen from doses it's a great way and we'd find we find it's a really strong seller especially among you an older crowd who comes back in and once again the boomerang customer those who like smoked weed in college or when they were younger and kind of dropped off because it was weird now that it's legal they're interesting coming back into it and these pedigree their pre dosed you'll like it tells you it buzzes exact when you've had one like serving i love traveling with that does cest head i think it's two point two five milligrams or i'm each like you're saying you just take a normal inhale and it buzzes and that's one hit and it's two point two five milligrams and at super lightweight like me that's enough for me to walk around and left my life to hits that i'm at home enjoying myself i'm laughing at old episodes of new girl and really enjoying.

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