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All the kids get vaccinated. I guess me too. Yeah i would really like that. That would be nice. Yeah and you know. I hope they sneak get vaccinated if their parents won't let that just like you sneak and get the abortions girls get the vaccination. I forgot. Actually we were talking about the youth not getting vaccinated that the toxic parents could be responsible for this awful and this has been on my mind because in my hometown of lemont illinois. Our high school. Which i've talked about this on the show before i think with diablo cody who was also from my hometown. That we were called the lamont. Engines was our mascot. I j. u. n. s. And they've changed it eventually. To which she she mocked herself in the movie young adult they have the sweatshirts with that on it. There was a vote to they finally changed it to indians in two thousand five or so. Oh i know. I know we win. I know sigh of relief. But they phased out over the years and they had a vote officially to get rid of it and people blew up like the karen showed up and start yelling and shame on you and you represent means stuff. It's like man. Older people are just so defensive of the worst parts of their personality. Like if you change them you've killed them. Essentially if we know that from oh yeah. Life january sixth anything. We talked millennials. We couldn't celebrate october third anymore. My thing about mean girls is we have no touchstones of the two thousand so we cling to that to have something from that era. Because if we didn't have that what from two thousand and four would we still be thinking about. And the answer is only yeah by usher. That's takes about girls now a little bit. What do you mean you're like me girls. No no no. I enjoy it. it's just. We've clearly expired value. I think it's sort of like if after clueless came out it was all we talked about for ten years. That's fair that's all we have. I think american. India came out in two thousand and american nudie around the same time. Yeah again miss olivia rodrigue. I want her to continue to wear outfits like that while she kroons about being sad. I liked that drexel position given me blair waldorf cry about love it all right. We're back and i sat down for an intimate conversation with rebecca carol. Keep it is brought to you by the new york times. The new york times is committed to seeking the truth and.

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