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Could they do what can they. They can't do shit terms of they can't change the system or they can't say no the casino that that they say. No that that's the problem. I mean we all know what happens to people who disagree with you know at these large-scale organizations like i mean you've got people with a lot more balls than And all of that that have had the country's blown up taking over blah blah blah. I was literally just going to ask you. Do you think that it's more risky. From a nation state vantage point To be the heads of country that tries to get off the dollar or to be somebody who not just a theory but just one of these things that the government decides. Hey we're going to try to leverage this far benefit and you don't want to do it I still think it's worse to be the nation state head. Probably yet probably. It's probably more dangerous to be the nation state head but yet but here's the thing like you mentioned before the ever thought Elizabeth holmes was really highly intelligent. And i mean to guarantee was yet. They're not exactly So i actually think Vitale is on is not so smart. I think he's highly naive. I think he's He's like he's smarter than all non a really. 'cause i mean 'cause 'cause i understand how calm it i understand what he talks about and he just talks in fucking circles like that's the thing he actually doesn't make sense. What okay. so here's an interesting question We may disagree on this. What do you disagree with him on. Or what do you think. He's wrong is first principles so like was emmy so that the first principles he doesn't take a first principles approach to building things. Okay so like you know. As an example He is still of the opinion that And from the beginning like he. He got sort of laughed at when he's suggestions about bitcoin. You know we should do smart. Contracts on the base layer blah blah. So he he's a bit of a. He's a naive kid. Who thinks that bitcoin and money's just some sort of toys that we can play with And because he couldn't get his way in bitcoin because always additions was stupid. He went off and built his own toy And because he's intelligent enough to sound intelligent and because he looks the pot You know a lot of people buy into the kool-aid idea like the sort of take the kool aid in all you know. He's the boy. Genius blah blah. You ask someone to explain what metallics actually talking about an podcast. I don't know but it sounds smart So i'll listen to him so so so it's like people don't actually know what the fuck is talking about half the time and when you actually listened to the things he says like khaw the things are contradictory like half of his state mcneil example thing about proof of work like he thinks. Proof of work is inefficient. Proof of work is the most efficient mechanism full Do anything in life. I mean if you're an artist what are you doing provoke. If you go to the gym what are you doing proof of work. Proof of what permeates all of existence proof of stake is a human created aberration in which a group of people want to have an advantage over another group of people like that's a first principles approach to proof of work. Where's he's trying to take some high level obstructed view of. Let's tweaks variables up the top here and we can create a Game theoretically sound system. That doesn't matter like what is missing is the actual first principles of y proof of work actually functions so to me..

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