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The TV. Take this. Take the game systems away xactly. Lost it. Right to order one I. Mean I think you know. Probably a month and a half before this all went down. I redid my office and it didn't have before now it does. It did only have an office in an uncomfortable chair. Now I've got an electric recliner chair in here and the playstation moved in here I left the we out for the family, and they weren't using the playstation anyway and You know I got really bad asthma so I've used that as an excuse to set up a dehumidifier in here close. The doors basically just walked out on the video games. Whatever I'm not work and. That's how you own cove in nineteen. That's how you do it, well you. Know you? You were a little under the weather last show and you've done some work in the house. Wall so yeah, absolutely to shows ago was under the weather from. Some really Great Bourbon! And then the last show I was under the weather because I had done some sheet rocking. In the dining room, and then we're going to paint. It was the ceiling. Of course you might have heard. There's shortage masks and so I didn't even think I mean. It was just a little small patch, and it was just touching it up, but I think I inhaled. Some of that with the allergies are bad too so I've been wheezing two weeks like literally. The wife left the bedroom last night at three am because between the snoring and the wheezing. But. It's been two weeks that almost now and I still haven't spiked a fever so i. feeling like it's either allergies or or that. Thank goodness. It was a little touch and go there and mentally in the early going. So you know now have settled down, but you know that was a great excuse to sit in the office and play video games all the more reason right well so. On that experience of course, I just did a little bit sheet rocking myself today. We'll standing than with it over my head, so it's fallen right in my mouth, so maybe I can I can. You know not feel good and just kind of lay up and. Bring the xbox downstairs or something we'll see we'll see. I'm trying not to hats. My plans a on a podcast. My wife will never listen to, but it's a thought. It's a thought so I like to I like to lead that. You're the trail that your fortune for me here..

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