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A tiger than paint stripes on a kitty cat. That's pete deboer t makes bold moves an to some news from around the nhl. Okay so you raised some eyebrows once again on on headlines hockey night in canada with some news about oliver ackermann larson Captain defenseman arizona. Coyotes is a trade going to happen here. this time. Ellard sure sounds like it now. You'll don't forget his contract. Six years laughed at eight point. Two million there's a five point two five million dollar bonus not this summer but next summer that complicates things but i do believe that we will see a deal happen look last year. He gave teams boston or vancouver this year. From what i understand there was a conversation between ackman larsen and the team were. Everybody said we have to make this work. You know. I think they financially. They're going to strip it down. But i think he also recognizes. He needs a change. And i will say this. There are some teams out there who i've spoken to. Who said they think he's gotten a bit stale there and they would be very curious to see how he would beat a new environment. It's complicated because of the contract. I think he's he's got six years left. He's got five but that's one of the things here is there's a willingness on everybody's side to make it happen and what they're gonna do. Is the coyotes. Have the permission to shop the deal. And then go to ackman larson. Who's got a no move clause and say okay. How do you feel about this. And i think he's gonna be open to more scenarios so i think it's going to happen. One of the teams. I wonder about is still the bruins. What cam nealy say minute eating left shoddy. But they've been interested in him going back to when he was before he signed this monster contract with arizona. There is always a talk that if he doesn't do deal there zona he's going to boston. That's a team. That has the most interesting. This isn't something new between this player and that team correct No that's that's definitely it's definitely true. There's no question about that. i do. They still see him as the guy i don't know but they liked in the past as you said and he's obviously very interested in going there. Let's see if we we work it out seeking with arizona We've talked about the coaching situation. There a couple of different times. I don't know how warm it is with. Mike van ryan who seems to be the favourite. Should i say if he wants it. Should we go that far. I think that's fair. I from my guessing. I think van ryan is probably the number one contender if he wants it you know. He knows the organisation. The general manager knows him. Because after van ryan left arizona he went to saint louis or bill armstrong. Wise van ryan does have a very good reputation. I mean it's not like it would be. Anyone would have a huge issue with him getting a coaching job being. Oh he's got he's gained experience. He's very highly thought of some of the other names. I think todd. Nelson's in there. I think andre tourneys is in there. I think there's a couple other guys someone suggested to me. That may be neat lemon. Who we've kind of tied in with buffalo might be in there. There's probably more. that's you know. The biggest question is that they're going to wait for to talk to lean lambert. I believe so and then some other people have said it might not last that long. But i think it's fair from outside looking into say that van ryan at the top of the list. The one name that i've been told associated with van ryan. If he does end up going is watch for. Daniel could chuck to see if he ends up going as an assistant as well. How much stripping it down a quick final thought how much they stripping it down in arizona. Well i think. I think oh i think. Castle the interesting camper to me. You know his name was all over the rumors last year. He had a tough year this year with injuries. But you know one of the key things that happened was he played very well and canada. Winning the gold medal of the world's so that one's going to be. I think campers going to be an interesting one. Because i think he can get what they want. Which is picture prospects right. yes So those are the three names. I think about the most i. I'm very curious to see. Would they consider moving any member. Oh i i also think well. We've talked about him. A few times garland i saw like those four names are probably at the top list. I think aspen larson gets traded. I think castle gets treated and then we watch on garland and camper. Because i think there's going to be interest and they want to restock and they can probably get what they want for. Both those guys. My finally get my garland to boston trade knowing full. Well sounds like boston boston. It's a huge deal. Ackman castle in garland go back to boston. Just give me one of these good old fashioned cliff. Fletcher trades eight players. All right off the arizona page dougie hamilton. Talking to teams. What are you here. What do you know. I think he is. But i don't think it's going to be anything. Imminent interesting gamble by carolina here. It's it's become more and more clear to me that carolina's sees this as maybe doesn't get what he likes out there and we'll see Seattle talk it. I think it's talk it but there's there's at least one other person in there. It's interesting you know talk. It has been easier to track. Not because he leaks anything but because he's been interviewed by every team right so it kind of gets out there. I think there were two finalists. Who went to seattle last week and met with the team. They think talk. It was one. And i'll tell you the second one was hard to pin down because i don't necessarily think it's someone who's had a lot of interviews with different teams. I people suggest it was kevin dineen. And there's a fit there. Because you know obviously tight. With ron francis they played together. He was the head coach in san diego last year. Anaheim's american hockey league team. There's a feeling that at the very least deneen could end up on the seattle staff though. I'm not sure it's a head coach. There was some talk that it might be tony granato who is a former. Nhl head coach. You know obviously can works in the organization He's at the university of wisconsin. And i do think they've talked to him. I just can't figure out if it was recent. There's joe sacco who. They've definitely interviewed and assistant boston. Former head coach. You know there was some people who wondered if it was dave tippett the coach and edmonson though. I don't believe it was the case. I just wanted to knock that down right there but there were some people who believed it was it because he used to work for the organization so i think the second finalist is someone who has an interview as much elsewhere so it was harder to get to but it was talk and one other guy. It sounds like it's talking but until it's done it's not done okay. moving along then Maple leafs assistant coaching situation. Anything there you know. If there's one thing i wish i would have mentioned on saturday night. Sometimes i'm too careful. And this one. I probably would have said that the word promotion was involved. I believe that there's one or two toronto assistance. Who have been interviewed for jobs. That would be promotions elsewhere. And they're waiting to see if they get those jobs or that person gets those jobs and then we'll see what the coaching staff looks like. We'll see what happens there. But i'm not anticipating changes unless someone on that staff gets a promotion somewhere else and you still think the maple leafs as a team are going to be swinging for the fence on someone. Oh yeah. I do big swing there. Okay always interesting when someone wins an award for the first time who sort of been flirting around it for a number of years and this year we see alexander berkoff when his very first selke trophy..

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