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We did it. He was on Fox, Tampa Bay will host either Kansas City or Buffalo. That game taking place on CBS TV at halftime. Kansas City leads 21 to 12 Democrats are pushing the Biden administration's new covert 19 stimulus plan, Senator Amy Klobuchar nearly a year waiting for help with this vaccine. Of course, we need the funding to get that vaccine distribution out there. We got to stop messing around and get our economy going again. That's what Joe Biden's proposal is about. She was on ABC this week. Mr Biden's proposing a nearly $2 trillion plan. CBS News Brief. I'm Steve Futterman. It's a 32. Meanwhile, the Biden administration hopes to have more members of the Cabinet confirmed this week. Ah full Senate vote tomorrow is expected to confirm Janet Yellen is Treasury secretary days after the Senate Finance Committee unanimously advanced her nomination. Yellen, the former chair of the Federal Reserve would be the first woman to lead the Treasury Department. President Biden's choice for Commerce secretary. Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo faces the Senate Commerce Committee tomorrow. Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm was scheduled to testify to the energy and natural resource is committee Wednesday. Isn't it? Biden has nominated her for energy secretary in Washington Chaired Halpern. Fox News. The Biden administration also expected to repeal the ban on transgender Americans from serving in the military. CBS, citing a number of sources tonight that announced that they say could come Monday, a senior deficient defense official telling CBS News that repeal will come via executive order. Due to confirm Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered the Pentagon to go back to the policy that was enacted back in 2016. That order allowed transgender Americans to serve openly. The Trump Administration's impeachment trial and Biden covert relief bill topping the Sunday morning talk shows today, despite the courts, dismissing 86 election challenges Republican Senator Rand Paul says he wants the investigations to continue plan on spending the next two years, going around state to state and fixing these problems that I won't be cowed by liberals he spent his time on ABC is this week discussing on Lee this Followed by Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar. This is why Joe Biden won. Now she says. Congress needs to get down to the work of the people's business, including the impeachment trial. We could run it in the afternoon, confirmed the nominees in the morning and pass legislation at night. Top of that list is the covert Bilko, Bashar says will fund vaccine distribution and economic revival. I'm Julie Walker changes coming to the three government international broadcasters. The Trump appointees were fired. And she's are the U. S Agency for Global Media, Radio, Free Europe, Radio, Liberty and Radio Free Asia and the Middle East Broadcasting Network's Trump's Agency head Michael Pack resigned two hours after Joe Biden took office. Had been accused by Democrats and others of trying to turn voice of America and other networks in tow Pro trump propaganda machines. It's a 34 Here's Dr Marie Harper, the dean of a Dr Wallace e. Boston School of Business, had American Military University on leading forward the link between higher education and our future government work force sponsored by American Military University. I saw this new norm as an opportunity to assist businesses with what they need to do in order to meet the challenges and hope. Fully opportunities of this new norm, and we looked at our program kept some of the basics but added some what we consider new skills that would assist these businesses. And our approach is to have the degree programs which are the traditional way of doing education, but also offering the short term certificates that may help them with skills that are necessary for businesses to rebuild..

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