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That's it. We're basically done, but that already behind we'll be head on head to head agreed. Fiction list is harder for Barcelona amazing. Don't massively hardware a bit harder. Not least because there's still stuff that's going gin and to be illness. Look at running around. Look at the strength and depth they. How look at the applies that got I look at the fact that we're now applying behind closed doors so. Those some of those factors that helps molded themes against from. The seven days for every game. Instead of just free the golf fan base in their favor the fact that it's the pressure that Madrid something from even of their own fans. All of those have been stripped away when you strip away. Some of those kind of external factors sometimes help to level the playing field, and then there any more than you left with. An inescapable reality, which is so much stronger than than everyone. They're gonNA fight. Between season to build. Think Roger, but we never got between on the season so I. Think it doesn't matter well. Bus On and we'll do. I think money is still only head to head I think I think it's very definitely advantage of the moment. Thank you sit sit his back for more on extratime. He'll be joined by shock his law taking your questions. Do you ever miss an episode? Just check it out on the ESPN. AFC Youtube Channel. Else when the Premier League on Thursday, Arsenal beat Southampton away by final score of two nothing and catch the goal scores for the governor's as they move into ninth place Craig and frank back with US strike. Was this a good performance from arsenal or just a terrible goalkeeping performance from Alex McCarthy of Southampton? Yeah sometime everything goes bad and for McCarty This afternoon was. Annot Fula Day and the. Book to be fair. I think the job I found.

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