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Week without scoring a touchdown this is a game without scoring assistant was nineteen I think that's the this is receiving it's a already raucous in the super dome today and is Renee checking and let's go to Michael long in Philadelphia jets and eagles under where the jets with the ball first against the beleaguered secondary the eagles Michael and a day but the test the fence not offense offense not impressive in their first drive a one yard game by Levi bell and then on a third and nine Luke Falk was sacked by Brandon Graham for a loss its owner for the seventeen just we'll put this one away as they begin the this for a V. begin this contest was an eagle that we do not want to do and it appears that maybe they haven't they will do so based upon this first offense right the defense of series is try to look New York they are not going to be home after this game until November third say three straight road games they definitely try to get this one property by the girl you're the first quarter of the way no score thank you very much Michael let's go to Adam's Blaine in Houston the two into Texans hosting the falcons today Adam I rich the falcons went three and out on the game's opening possession took over at their own thirty seven and on second night it looks like Carlos Hyde mumbled the Texans were able to recover but it was for a big loss you lost it look like you lost you lost fifty yards on the play it was the probable cause like Grady Jarrett and it was back Scharping the rookie right guard recovered but the Texans go from their own thirty seven yard went to the twenty two on third down in the technical just go with the three D. Johnson to get across the thirty so the Texans will go three and out on their opening possession so a rough start to this game for both teams second south of their score was about three minutes in time thank you very much Adam and the Vikings moving the ball on the giants on their opening drive let's go to Mike make you saw at MetLife stadium okay rich we are on Minnesota's first possession a Levin thirty remaining here in the first quarter the Vikings now down inside the giants fifteen yard line will call to fourteen on this drive a by the way the giants won the toss the the Ford cousins has a sixteen yard pass to Stefan digs for a first down and a thirteen yard pass for a first down to add on the ceiling they got the down to the giants thirty seven yard line so the knock on the Vikings was not getting the ball to the key receivers well each one of them with a big completion for a first down now the of I can have the ball first and ten on the giants thirteen yard line we are scoreless for now ten fifty remaining first quarter and the Vikings offense respect for their passing game which is come under heavy criticism lately not having any problems so far on this opening driving again an outstanding field position right now if at all nothing else in field goal range with just a little over four minutes gone by in the first quarter so the giants defense in recent weeks has bent but not broken and so far it is look very vulnerable so far today let's go out back to Jeff Hawthorne in I'm sorry it's Russell Baxter that we have a pro football group dot com and it always follow on Twitter I backs be ex football group or at the P. F. G. vibe Russell how are you today rich how are you I'm doing just great also we're under way in London no score between the bears the raiders as you look at some of these games today you see them two one two Buccaneers who had an interesting first month they're on the road today against the same teddy explain beating the Panthers in Charlotte than blowing an eighteen point lead to the giants and then the fifty five spot they hung on the rams a week ago we can't explain it you know it's obviously it's new coaching staff still having some issues on defense as far as being inconsistent at times they look very very top under Todd Bowles you know Danny Jones coming and there was probably a little bit of a curve ball they weren't expecting but all principally they've been pretty quick but a fission after the slow start by gamers wins in the two to three correct it's to pick sixes against San Francisco but I think they bounce back he's bounced back we're getting a little more balance as well I mean they moved the ball effortlessly against the giants I mean that it how New York was able to come back you know give credit where credit is due but this is not a team without talent it's almost hard to believe they have been to the playoffs in two thousand seven but such is the case and it and and again with another new head coach the rams with two losses in in a span of four days don't want to overreact but you know there is there are some some signs of concern the turnovers have been plentiful for this team is it a Superbowl hang overs or something else so far regarding LA this is a team that doesn't have a great defense okay they get a lot of facts they got a lot of big week last couple years and they're very vulnerable to the run and we saw again Seattle destroyed them on the ground in two games last year number Seattle scored thirty one points in each game versus the rams last season rage and lost both of those games they put up thirty the other night eight hundred sixty seven yards rushing so to me when you have a shaky defense that leads to a lot of other problems right now they don't have any balance it out they're not running the football whatsoever I mean I'm sorry metallic often get all the RG one but I think he has ten of the eleven turn over so far this kind of picked up where he left off late last season down the stretch and in the playoffs Vikings of kick the field goal daily the giants three nothing Christian McCaffrey taking it from a couple yards out hurdles and winds up on his back in the end zone but he's okay in the Panthers with early six nothing lead point after pending there and it is good so badly the Jaguars seven nothing as we talk with Russell Baxter pro football group dot com and you can follow him on Twitter at backs BA X. with ball grew at PFG vibe as well you know was there team in the month of September through the first four games it made you think they started something that'll become much bigger in October alliance is kind of intriguing you know they they they want up squandering that game terrorism no even though they didn't lose that and now the last three games against the Chargers in the eagle and the chiefs decided by three three and four points I think their defense is fairly solid I think the fact that they're running the football for the first time in years and that's not a surprise to Darryl beveled the courses the defenses of the offense of coordinator there and they're obviously the top division where you know everybody is five hundred or better only Minnesota too would too the bears won three in a row and that kind of rebounded after their loss to the Green Day we'll see what happens with the Packers later today at Dallas but the Tories kind of intriguing and and you know the last two years we've had a couple of for last place teams rice the first we saw the two thousand seventeen would Jacksonville in Philadelphia last year was used in Chicago Detroit that team you know obviously there's a lot the last time you go and we have to see them within the division we haven't seen them play any they get Green Day when they get back from from the off week on a Monday night in Green Bay they've actually beat the Packers four times in a row Bengals of just kicked a field goal the lead the cardinals by a score of three nothing ravens threatening against the Steelers right now in Pittsburgh that game scoreless as now the ravens gonna be forced to kick a field goal with Justin talker coming on Russell Jaylen Ramsey one set of Jacksonville Stefan digs upset in Minnesota he is active today but how troubling is the trend when you consider what the league is going through with with Antonio brown and you know gone from two teams right now not in the league in facing lawsuits how troubling is this trend of players just trying to get out of where they are well it's obviously something that you know the league can't be happy with and obviously the franchise's can't be happy with but there's only so much of these players can do and you know they can debate demand all they want and SO one so you know it's it's not like we haven't seen like this morning stuff like this before I think it's a little more visible because as you know we're seeing more of it maybe this year and some of the names are a little more prominent you know we've we've seen rookie hold out even even with the weight scale the way it is you're still see your doctor every once in awhile a member Joey but was a couple years ago who didn't get in camp so it's got to be Bob any any kind of negative publicity obviously is bothersome a lady but what we'll see what happens you know the last couple years which we have seen our share deals comma the trading deadline which they moved a couple of years ago late October I'll be curious to see how many some of these teams make these deal they obviously it's gotta be worthwhile for them as well because you know obviously you don't wanna it just give up the farm for certain players like this and so one but we shall see but it again it any time you have a for lack of a better word a disgruntled employee it's not good for the Bizz absolutely as we talk with Russell Baxter pro football group dot com he's never disgruntled we're always happy to have his smiling face of board and sherry personality speaking of which bill Belichick the patriots their defense has been off the charts for the first four weeks is there something this year that they're doing differently than in years past well I was last year their defense that the defense is trying to that he was the back end I think the back end is really melting and and within weeks kind of thing that the last couple years with some defenses not to say that Denver didn't have a strong pass rush the year they won the Superbowl but you you know you think about the the no fly zone and and the talent that was back there certainly with the Seattle Seahawks when they won the Superbowl in two thousand thirteen with the legion of boom which Sherman tank chancellor and Earl Thomas and so on you know it's a bit more of a passing league and you know bill Belichick kind approved last year that it's not about sex it's more about pressure and how long you can cover the patriots won the Superbowl last year they shut down the rams in the Superbowl held in the three points if I told you the patriots were tied for next to last in fact last year with thirty you have probably been surprised another their defense was lower radic and was in plain patch my homes a couple times you're one one healthy numbers as well and so on but I just think they're doing things on the back and they're getting a lot of plays I mean it regardless of who you play you go to affording stretch where you have ten interceptions and don't give up a touchdown pass that's pretty impressive and finally Russell the patriots and red skins a scoreless right now in in Washington which is inform the season and I hate to advocate for somebody losing their job but it seems that it's just a matter of when not if Jay Gruden will be fired sure they just cut ties right now and and this season's going to is is lost already it's not going to go anywhere should they make it make that move sooner rather than later well I don't know because I don't know who you would bring in tests to fill the gap I mean who who who comes in and takes over you know it's a great nasty the defensive coordinator it out it was and this is been a team of franchises had very few bright moments the last twenty years okay they've been a couple of division titles but more times than not it's been you know there's been dysfunction we seen at the front office we never see your we see a lot of things people not on the same page with each other we seen our share quarterback changes it's a shame what happened to Robert Griffin if you know got hurt and so on would you know he had a very promising rookie season but there is there always seems to be an issue with the red skins under current ownership let me let the let's call it is it is and it out it we haven't seen coaches last in this it under Daniel Snyder bridging long well we hope you last with us because we love you Ross I'm not going anywhere Russell thanks so much again we'll talk with you next week you got it Russell Baxter pro football group dot com it backs BA X. football girl on Twitter or at PFG vibe Jordan Howard takes it in from a yard out eagle seven nothing over the jets ravens get it Justin Tucker field goal three nothing and the red skins are on the board leading the patriots by a score of six nothing with the point after pending we'll get you all the updates on those games and much much more as the Bengals have a field goal take a three nothing lead over the cardinals Jaguars and Panthers or even at seven falcons with a seven nothing lead over the Texans in the Buccaneers and St are scoreless in London no score between the bears and the raiders we're coming right back with more hi own football on CBS sports radio.

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