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The ancestors. You know. This year we lost a great American hero, Congressman John Lewis. John Lewis shed his blood fighting good trouble, shed his blood on the Edmund Pettus Bridge for the right for folks to vote, right? With the right for black Americans to vote when black Americans were being denied the right to vote when when Black Americans were being denied, But this was what 50 years ago. Know it. He also didn't shed a blood at all. I want to know what the song the Edmund Fitzgerald or something has to do with that sort of, like, put. That's the Edmund Fitzgerald was about to take on. I love that one of the great Lakes. Yeah, I love that song, too. But having said that now what she say, honor the ancestors play clip 33 1st Go ahead. Play clip 33. I also think that we actually do have ideological frame We change works is this could be a police cruiser Tom that you mentioned that is burning right now. I just don't even know why they aren't uprising will be played and you could see here, make sure those two purposes Driver hit officer's incredible transfer My country that we came across Ulysses Grant. It was toppled in his line in the pack. What you need people of their way. Train Marxists. I've seen that movie. What's.

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