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That's a small detail that I remember from my grandmother's house. There was addressed makers dummy in the attic of that house, and no one claimed to know why it was there. I said the grandmother, this was once your figure because it certainly wasn't anymore on. And she said, no, I have no idea where that came from. I've no idea what that is. And so the dummy itself took on a kind of life for me. I used to go up in the attic and we'll do all number of things to it. You know. You know, put Indian headdresses on it and various things, knock it down the stairs, and things of that nature. And one time. One time I did dress it up in some horrible fashion, I'm sure. And. The woman who cooked for my grandmother founded in an unexpected place. There was a piercing cry and scream and and everyone ran to see what was the matter with the cook and the cook had been terrified by the dummy Joan, they, that's just a kind of childhood thing. You know, I don't think it has more significance than that. I found the flashbacks I active, but how did you match keep track quality, white in the book. Oh boy, that's, you know, that's really good question. And to be honest with you, it drove me crazy. The sheer number of dates involved when McNamara said, when Reagan said the keeping track of what people actually said over the course of the Vietnam war and over the course of the neurons contra fiasco drove me nuts. I had huge tables charts on the walls in front of me and I couldn't move forward in inch without going back and looking at what the last entry was those diary entries, small though they are insignificant as they are relative to the rest of the of the whole. They were just tedious. They're very, very troubling. For the very reason you say the keeping track it gave me fits. It was difficult. It's also one of the reasons that my last choice. In Narran is the first person voice. I had to be in the first person to tell this story because Johnny is a witness, and he's been touched by what he saw happened that he can't explain. He cannot is what the stories about where he can only be his reactor. You can only seen e can only be a disciple witness a believer. I mean, think about Johnny for a minute is Johnny. Wheelwright in love with, oh, and Meany..

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