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Runoff elections at the polls Tommy Tuberville and Jeff Sessions facing off the Republican nomination to run for the U. S Senate seat in the fall against Democrat Doug Jones, personal protection equipment at every precinct ain sanitizers there to voters are not required to wear a mask, but it requested to do so after the polls close at 7 p.m. Keep it right here in news radio, 1055 w E R C for the results. A 30 day internal review of the Birmingham Police Department found training of new officers does not include chokeholds, but the mayor says he's banning them anyway. Miranda Woodfin, along with City Council member Hunter Williams air serving US cochairs of a new task force for public safety as mayor. I know how important it is to make sure our department Continues to build upon the foundation it already has. Stripping is not just for themselves, but for the betterment of the community. They're sworn to serve. President Trump, Holding a press conference in the Rose Garden at the White House today, says the country's coming back, and he says he signed legislation today along with an executive order concerning China. This law gives my administration powerful new tools to hold responsible, the individuals and the entities involved in extinguishing Hong Kong's freedom. We've all watched What happened. Not a good situation. They're freedom's been taking away. Their rights have been taken away and with it goes Hong Kong in my opinion because it will no longer be able to compete with free markets. After starting the day with losses. Wall Street finished the trading day with another big rally. Dow Jones Industrial Average gaining more than 500 points that helped both the S and P 500 NASDAQ to finish in the green tomorrow, the deadline to turn in your federal income tax. It was postponed from April 15th due to the Cove in 19 pandemic. Filing this late you may want to do your work online is there is a huge paper backlog at the IRS, and that means delays if you expect to get a refund, the biggest crowd for a sporting event since the pandemic started expected for the NASCAR All Star race at Bristol Motor Speedway, up to 30,000 fans allowed to attend the winter, getting a $1 million prize. Denny Hamlin, who has won four races this year and the Americas Night race last year.

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