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Was demeaning for me behind that address giver audience a Quick Glimpse of Parma's history as it is and what the opportunities and challenges were when when you came there so comma was bought by the one John Croup some like four years ago five years ago four years ago and one John is is the largest part supplier manufacturer in China but they have many many other businesses well as Juancho North America in the one Chun China insurance companies hotels and much much more but long John is a company with principals with Ray Noble Principles. We got to know the chairman and now his son unfortunately chairman dies but he was a hero he still is a hero in China. He never sold the company. It was always always good to his people he always. He did everything for his people and he bought calmer as well by saying he wants to not only be part supplier he want to bid up his own luxury brand to give back to his people and people believed him because he never took more for himself than up to really need it so his office was super simple. Firing story he flew flew economy. You know it was a billionaire with Andreas raise the forefront of new car design. I had to ask them take a look into a crystal ball to see where car design was going specifically through the Lens of luxury. What about battery? Electric pure battery vehicles. Is that going to be where we're going. I think for an interim time for sure if it is battery powered think definitely electric cars. But they are different ways to to power them as well for a period of a generation or two four. I'm I'm pretty convinced right now. Drive at home to electric cars and it's just so convenient and you know not not at all any feel of range variety. It's just not happen. It's just not there as ranging sightings awfully overblown by the way I just have to but in and say this somebody who was talking the other day. Like if you've got a problem or you insane what do you mean how many times do you drive from La to San Francisco Cisco or you stop in the middle behalf to stop and have lunch stopping Harris ranch you go. You plugged the car and you have a steak sandwich you come out and your cars fueled or electrified. You go on your way range. Eggs -IETY is absolutely overblown. Absolutely yeah it's it's by the way while at great joy and fun to drive life edge. Casino and electric costs are by the. Hi That's right. All the center of gravity is down. Low where you want it. And then you're basically flicking around a little go cart. Absolutely I mean I love. Driving cars are allowed to drive a porsche. It's just I think like a Swiss clock perfect in the same time I was. I don't say the brand now was driving allowed car which would have excited me some years ago very very much and I thought in the end caught a lot of noise for. You're very lit a lot of noise but of course I love sound but still this was like somehow especially at seven in the morning when you're going to work note so yes. There are great opportunities but you know technology should not be used for take off. Let's use more technology. It's supporting and experienced. That you WANNA bring across. Water is standing for what. What are your principles? What are your experienced Principles what does your company stand for and then you need to find some certain technologies that support that idea and the more discreet they are. They more on obvious they are the better. It is the antiquated from a design. Point of view. Yeah it maybe that takes us in a direction where my observation in has been that as things become more I'm GonNa say technologically bitcoin US in other words. Let's assume for the moment that auto manufacturers going forward adop- all electric platforms and all these guys do zero to sixty in three seconds or whatever I mean this is all you know. It's sort of a given all of a sudden performance is a given and it's astounding all of a sudden they adopt all of the technological amenities. So you've got your connectivity. You got all the kinds of the things that you want and frankly whether you're driving a prius or a phantom it's going to have all of those things so in a Lotta ways. The playing field has been leveled. Every car is equal every car. Performs to the Max. Every card delivers everything. You want at that point. My question is what will be the measure of a luxury vehicle. What role does design play in defining a one car as a real statement of of luxury and excellence? Well I think it's very very important role on again on how you get there. What are your authentic thoughts behind Hainan? How how does the whole team get there? What is the story for it? So what would be the authentic that you interact with your car. How you feel in your car again again? It's not a shell. One example is how something probably I learned. Egg Rolls Royce was cultivated. Let's say rose rose because I was always interested to to dig a little it deeper but what I do with my designers as well and now I sent them out not only for days but for for weeks and sometimes more than a month to work somewhere whereas not in the design studio they go to for example they worked at the Hollywood hits and stayed. There slept there and got the task for me to to try different things dress differently. Go and different restaurants and West Hollywood's going different libraries or galleries and see different people people with different eyes and experience. Something very unique and so when you experienced something very unique to yourself something very UN exchangeable then you can design something very unique and you can tell a story with your product that will inspire people as well. It's not exchangeable. You're basically offer something nobody as offers You take in materials from these experience from this context you take in feelings and and that is not the. I don't WanNa say you mentioned the any other car like it's not an exchangeable average car at desert certain our. There's there's a certain presence. There's a certain than confidence. And this will the the possibility for uniqueness because it's not good. It's it's experienced right so I ask are kind of material designed at the Hollywood heads. The first review the image boards was still full of beautiful pictures just from the Internet. Let's say now changed that now. You should at least spend half of your time now that the house or three quarter of your time but spending outside outside so make sure the next pictures come from your cellphone con from the Internet. Come from your come from yourself and then it is clear. No other design in studio in the world will have these same images. Well you know. We've talked about moving forward. Obviously I'd like to ask you what's happening with Carmen. Some secrets in the future there. I'm not sure you're GonNa told me much but in a nutshell. Can you tell us where you're going next where we have. We have outstanding Aref powertrain technology already ride with the Rivero the GT. And yes. I I can say that. I'm really more impressed. I'm touched by how good at drives. Drives extremely good at Monterey were we met yes. Journalists and former race drivers were testing the cars and they they feedback the engineering team. I can't take this democratic but our engineering and team got to hear from them that this 'cause superior to the stood cuts which is pretty damn amazing for the first proper ground up engineer engineer car for such a small company and I- small company by the way. Let me interrupt and just ask you how many people are with Karma. We are way way under thousand which is in the automotive industry or context very small has very intimate very intimate. What we have a complete full value chain be manufacturer we do after thing from A to Z Which is pretty amazing? But what I want to say the car already so the existing Padron already tries to chassis the way cop brakes since tears is fantastic and I can only encourage everybody to dry it out. This is the one side of our business we day and cultivate tate. Basically this serial hybrid. You always drive electric but you can generate nor new electricity and this is the Rivera. You're Rivera it's a fantastic driver's car fantastic drivers guy and that was positively shocked after say an driving and right now. I'm here with a car. Right fantastic the other aspect aspect so beware continued this poetry and and we will see lots of opportunities to to use this technology in different concepts in the same time we arrived now approaching complete new platform a bath platform which again hess a battery electric vehicle. But this is a purely battery driven..

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