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This is the thing where you can look at it and be like, well, the giants don't have receivers at someone needs to catch the ball. Golden Tate was the best available. Sure, go out and get him. But yet if you look at it in the overall plan of wondering what the giants are doing if they were rebuilding its signing a thirty one year-old mostly Salat receiver to a four year deal with a lot of guaranteed money isn't exactly the way the most teams would be trying to rebuild it brings up a lot of questions and trying to figure out exactly what tastes role is at how he is going to fit in the offense at thirty one years old. He's not in the physical prime of his career anymore. You're going to be paying for the decline seasons of we'll get into whether that has already happened or not this signing brings up a whole bunch of questions that I'm not sure if we have the answers to right now. No, I mean, why don't we start with the obvious one sterling shepherd the giants slot receiver who has been one of the best slot receivers. Basically since he entered the league and led all slot receivers in touchdowns as a rookie. You know, what is his role? We'd know he is better. He can play outside. He did that a fair bit at Oklahoma. He did it a little bit more last year. Especially after Odell got hurt. Are they now looking at him as primarily wide receiver? Are they going to maybe do what we were begging them to do for weeks on end in motion. Evan Ingram or saquon Barkley out too wide receiver and then maybe play shepherd in Tate at at dual slots get so many questions. Yeah. It it's a big question. Especially with the defy with shepherd who is better in the slot. We've talked about how he does have the versatility to play on the inside and outside. I wrote this week. I'm big view looking at the options at wide receiver later. I put up. A split of shepherd with and without Beckham in twenty eighteen and he struggled a little bit. And actually a lot of bit with with Beckham not playing at when he was used on the outside more often. So that was one of the concerns a with the Beckham trade is what the giants were going to do. They're now the concern is the Sheppard and Tate have a very similar skill sets. They're better in the slot that both can play outside. So if you want maybe there is that versatility there. But you kind of have to wonder if there's a balance that can be found to make that work out better. It's not like putting him with Odell Beckham who could play the slot. But he was so good on the outside of one of the best receivers in the league that you moving them around was really more of a match up advantage of just getting those different looks with Tate and shepherd. It's probably more about trying to figure out where you can get the best from each of them. And then you have to wonder if. Shepherd is just on the trade block. He's on the last year of his rookie deal wonder if Shepard is going to be on the block, and possibly the moved and the giants will have to figure out what to do as a number two receiver opposite Tate just because of how much their skill sessions overlap. Yeah. And you know, this we had heard during the season that the New England Patriots were in hot pursuit of Beckham. And that they wanted to for them. So they can get him relatively cheaply. Even if they had to move a first round pick for it. This was back before he got his contract and just have him on the last year of his deal. That's one of the inefficiencies the patriots love to exploit and they do happen to have three third round picks this year, or at least right now. I honestly can't say I would be terribly surprised to read that sterling shepherd is traded. And traded to the patriots because he also fits their offense. Perfectly a tough detailed route runner with good hands in run after the catch ability. Yeah. Tom Brady loves those. Yes..

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