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College football on CBS sports radio. Here again is host rich Ackerman's has been a rough year for USC and today is just another example playing without talented freshman quarterback JT Daniels. It was a good start. As a kick return was responsible for the first score for the Trojans. But since then it has gone very much south. Here's Chuck as in southern California for more on the Trojans and Arizona state route the half that is twenty four USC fourteen. What a bright white rich. Jack series starting his first game as the US quarterback. Got just the Trojans ninety plays in eight yards. An eight yards in eight plays one thirty three off the clock. And to who. Does it drive with a six yard touchdown pass to Michael Pippen? That was with thirteen seconds left in the first half, Michael Brown with the extra point so USC, maybe can build upon that with the energy that Pittman brings to the game and fears having a chance to complete seven of eleven on the day sixty four yards one touchdown along twenty two. But really from the story of you know, Benjamin the running back from ASU fifteen carries one hundred twenty eight yard touchdown the long run of forty nine. Interesting. You hit one for sixty yards in the first quarter that was called back because his elbow hit the ground many Wilkins. Neither fifty for one hundred twenty yards and what such jazz. Story line on USC USC get some stops shutdown Wilkins and shutdown bench made. And if serious can get rid of some great ride receivers. Brown, and then and then gets off concentric where bell PI, Bob. So at the half Memorial Coliseum is asked you twenty four USC fourteen halftime in Jacksonville. It's been a good one between Georgia and Florida. Let's get more from Ken cross interesting football game. Here we go Blankenship had a twenty two yard field goal to give Georgia thirteen seven lead at the half the Jews furry passes from Jake prone to tidy and Isaac NADA. He caught three for fifty nine yards on the drive that set up a field goal. Real interesting was out in the second goal on the five yard line with six seconds to play. Kirby smart goes ahead goes for the field over here and take a shot at a quick pass over the middle. Maybe not again, so wide open on the first free. It's interesting though. The dynamics of the coaches, Dan Mullen, one of the most creative play colours Herbie's smart guy, not get involved in to show in too much. He's ran Elijah only single beyond very swift between the tackles in the first half. They combined for fourteen Jerry's for seventy one dollars. Halftime the BULLDOGS. Seven. It's been a good one. They're also been a good one between Kentucky and Missouri to Columbia, we go. Here's Bill Pollack. Yeah. It's been a game of missed opportunities for the twelfth rank Kentucky Wildcats after they blocked. A field goal by Missouri in the first quarter. They were faced Kentucky that was with a fourth and one deep in Mizzou territory, and they were stopped and then late here in the second quarter. The Wildcats faced with another fourth and one from their own forty nine yard line. They couldn't get the midfield. Turn the ball over on downs. Mizzou gets down to a fourth and one at the five yard line four Kentucky and offside penalty gives the Tigers a first down three plays later. Larry Rountree punches it in from a yard out. And Missouri has now opened up a fourteen to three lead as they just kick a touchback so forty nine seconds to go Kentucky. We'll have the ball here at the end of the half. They trail fourteen to three okay at the half. Oklahoma all over Kansas state, another big day for Kyle Moran company. Let's get more from Randi heights. Yeah. You mentioned the big game for Tyler Murray. He has had one day early on already three hundred and twenty six yards total offense Maria Babs. Read touchdowns KiKi the air one on the ground. Thirty seven yards rushing any seventeen twenty two passing on the day for two eighty nine Murray efficient and and today for the centers as again, the centers lead thirty four to seven out that thank you very much. Randy also halftime and Houston has come out of this first half in front, and what has been a wild one. So far, here's Adam spleen and rich south Florida this game undefeated, but they are down twenty eight twenty one at the half. Houston jumped out to a fourteen nothing lead. Southport it got the game tied then these two teams are tied at twenty one. But it's Houston with the seven point lead. At halftime. Derek king has had a big first half for Houston. Sixteen twenty two two hundred and thirty two yards and three touchdowns through the air. Also on the ground seven Kerry seven. Eighty four yards any forty seven yard touchdown. He does have to interceptions of this game. But the second came on a hail Mary at the end of the first half or south Florida. They've been excellent on the ground. They've run it for a hundred and seventy six yard all three of their touchdowns have come on the ground. Johnny Ford has two of them. One. A thirty two yard run. The other was from seventeen yards out. Jordan Cronkite has the other touchdowns for south Florida. So twenty eight twenty one Houston still at halftime here. Back to you. All right. Halftime in Happy Valley in a bunch of Penn State fans, a little happy after the end of that first half. Let's get more from Jeff Byers. Yeah. Both teams quarterbacks struggling a little bit. They family going six hundred seventeen and permanent critical interceptor the setup and say tying score in the second quarter and phrase McSorley, five eleven for sixty one yards. He does have a touchdown pass. But the question is shortly play in the second half you left for a period of time in the second quarter came back with it sit out. Yeah. In that last series and headed. The locker room before the rest of the team. So we'll see Tommy Stevenson place did run for a three yard touchdown four. And both teams kickers has now connected on career long today. Miguel Rossinot of Iowa on a forty nine yard or at Penn State Senator but three seconds left in the first half the freshmen connecting on a forty five yard field goal attempt to ties the game. We are at halftime in Happy Valley at Penn State seventeen Iowa seven. All right. They are underway. Third quarter in Jacksonville. Georgia leading Florida by a score of thirteen to seven. The Gators though took that opening kickoff back into Georgia territory. So they will start from the forty eight of the BULLDOGS down by six in. What has been a good one as Florida has settled down after the early turnover that went for a touchdown and a late Rodriguez Blankenship field goal in the first half made it a six point game. So right now, lots going on still lots to get to as we'll take a closer look inside. The Washington state Stanford game tonight after the Cougars big win a week ago. They get tested tonight on the road of Purdue already falling earlier today after their big win a week ago losing at Michigan state can Washington state avoid that same fate will talk about it with radio analyst Alex bring coming up. But right now, we get you the latest sports update with Larry Ridley..

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