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For their commitment to the conservative legal agenda further analysis now from karen bohen washington editor at usa today karen what else about him is by far the most experienced and he has an extensive record has ties to president george w bush and has worked in the bush administration before he was nominated there was some talk that maybe tied and he's having more would be a mark against ten in trump's new given trump's tensions with the bush family so the likes for mr cavanaugh would be what here for cabin on cabin on the many pluses cabinet include the back that he is a very popular pick with conservatives he's somebody who's really gonna excite the activists who have been awaiting this decision the fact that he has such an extensive record will really put a lot of conservatives minds at ease over how he may rule when he on the court so the senate battle that's shaping up here looks like what at this point carrying that we learned anything over the past couple of weeks what we learned is that the chances of the nominee being confirmed they're pretty high given the back that republicans have a majority in the senate even though what the slim majority they don't need supermajority so that helps what's going to be key is whether any republican susan collins notably or lisa murkowski whether either of those two republican senators break ranks if they were to break ranks back that could cause problems for the nomination on the flip side of that though there are definitely some democrats who could break ranks with their party and vote in favor of trump's pick those include democrats in red states who are running and some of these closely watched senate races donnelley in indiana is one to watch there are others as well how will things work is slightly off subject but with senator mccain obviously battling brain cancer not in washington much of the time what happens is can we not counting him actually voting at all can vote in abstentia with mccain not being there he he can't vote in a venture that's that's my understanding all double check that for you so come down to a tie then mike pence could be brought in to be the tiebreaker right you know it's it's likely not to it's not likely to come down to that when the interesting about this whole process is back that it did not leak out in advance and this is very unusual for the trump presidency you know trump likes the drama of these big events and things to be based on his tweets and his comment very excited about making a big splash with the supreme court pick but you know as we've seen throughout that come presidency for the past year and a half it seems like there aren't that many secrets that are that are kept in terms of personnel decisions usually they're telegraphed pretty far in advance and so you know one thing that is really interesting about this one is that they've kept it under wraps thanks karen that is karen bokram washington editor at usa today thirteen.

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