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A better day than he did uh blame it on the weather mike at all you blame it on that offense at winemakers didn't do any good and chris and michigan state's defense a road to the gate expression go they just played well car to be called a little brother so michigan is walk michigan state mike is it a trend urged just an aberration and the question is we don't know so michigan number seventeen you up like a rock fixing i am ok p v against indiana careers indiana watched that film they watch you again michigan and i'll tell you this mike here's a key x michigan offensive coordinator mike debord new indiana oscar enter foyer to tell you this i've taken india ah a move liam cruised indiana but and here's the other thing and it's a good reason for you to take them hardball five and warner last man goon yup so i like him began at home like white do quarterback i looked grim by up yogurt because her angry all right so there there's our disagreement for the week okay uh let's go to one more before the driver report auburn number ten number ten all burn out against collect you win that tone route nine thirty kqm be ring finger mike you know typically happen in this game between these two teams somebody note company sec pick this is their game at a week now auburn walling but alex us white last week might seem to find shelter and water and they at least the new version of bed offense that you were talking about matt canada's often alban got a really scalp defense uh i i take him were down lsu i'm going to day i'm much stay with drug gusmao zones all growing team get me on this when mike i think it will be a good game it at night down there but uh or in the afternoon three game nine thirty here uh michael elementary you one thing real quick before the break lsu found that spark last weekend against florida so why did it go doubting gets cut in the work but they're gonna put him out this week new uniforms if you.

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