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When the Democrats do outrageous stuff we were laughing at all these years claiming nobody's GonNa, believe this and yet today all that stuff we laughed at Twenty Five, twenty, thirty years ago that stuff is now. Normal. For the American left their weird as environmental views. They're stupid political opinions on all of these social and cultural issues. which are insane and have been insane since they first adopted them. I mean who? Who would have believed? That right now, we have a bunch of grandparents. And parents who are afraid. To tell their own kids the truth about politics for fear. That their own kids will refuse to let them be part of their grandkids lives I. Something like that. was. Inconceivable. Child. Now, it's commonplace. And the political divisions that that the country has today. Some of US foresaw them others didn't So the answer to your question is probably never. If. It hasn't happened yet. Because to me. At. Any time in the last thirty years, it would have been more than justified. For people to stand up and say okay we've had enough. Time for you people. Now slink back to where you came from. We're going to go back. Have America. The way it was founded the waves intended be. But now now now we got transgender here gay marriage over here all this cultural degradation it's happening more and more every day and nobody's doing about it other than seemingly supporting. Your guess is as good as. All right. Welcome back rush limbaugh and we go back to the phones Huston Texas Jim. Great too heavy sir? Hello. Hey Russia it's Jim. I'm listening to twenty five or thirty. I can't remember longtime quick questions to get to the point is this I understand your concern that some of the Republicans might Linguini out if they have the hearings but also if they have the hearings on the other side of the Democrats, do the same thing they did with. The last three times. Don't they run the risk of alienating all the suburban women voters that's really.

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