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Happy Friday, Laurie and Julia show on mytalk everything entertainment. Shoveled out to go, right? It took me almost a half hour get to grow violent tap, which you know, how close eight miles away. So I wanna know how it's like two miles further than that. Because it's on it's on Saint Clair live off of summit Lowry. That's four blacks, but still whatever. Yeah. So anyway, but it took almost a half hour just to go that tiny amounts. I wonder how long it took you to get home. It took me an hour, and I didn't even leave here. So here's my shot because I face Laurie, and I don't have a window view. I don't see Donnie I see nothing. I didn't know it was not neither and I can look out the window. It was so dark side, namely. From. Yeah. Now and then. Because the sun came out for a second today. Listen for girl with a hoof and walking around town and doing luckily to leave the village of Saint Paul dangerous. Cross the road to get in the little blowout. Roberto's? Get me here blown on two cars were not coming from either direction because I did not trust the hoofing but to begin work race. Like, my, you know, my normal nimble-footed self would be you know, I mean, it seemed ic-. Call you know, they.

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