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Uh nothing better than dramatic recreations yes um lots of yelling and screaming lots of shouting in cursing uh lots of disrespect to the judge and the american flag uh they they threw a copy the constitution in the garbage at one point um very famously charles manson uh carved an x into his forehead which later became a swastika saying that he was extra out of the world and then his family members would do the same in they would shaved their heads and generally just try and disrupt things at every turn bright and they did i mean they were quite successful but the truck have going on and on right i think it was it went on for a couple of years based on news articles that i was reading about it so it turns out though that richard nixon supposedly had the most disruptive effect on the trial um by saying while trial was going on quote here's the man who was guilty directly or indirectly of eight murders without reason here's the sitting us president commenting saying unequivocally that this guy was guilty of a trial that was going on which is you just don't do that it doesn't matter what the cases now not for any compassion for charles manson or anything like that this is because even on the other side you could has blown the case in in in he blew gytims lately could have created a mistrial there you just because the president said something in everyone reported on it i can imagine that ethnic today i totally can't it was very trumpian move yeah uh so we we talked i think we covered the helterskelter thing enough don't you we did but i think there's a there's a big thing that all this hinges on is that um there the prosecution said and you said earlier you even had a quote from tex watson that charles manson told him to go and just destroy the people in the house gruesome as you can there and the prosecution said that that charles main.

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