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The site had to put that in there Yeah i mean. I i love. I love insecure. Like like so isa isa has always been my girl. And i and it's like isa and then i don't know vigilants if you've seen rob on the movie just came out over over the last year It's called the forty year old virgin or verdict forty year. Old version is on watch lists. You should really really watch the main character and She's near forty years old and she's just it's it's a really really good player to watch but Usa rod are my two favorites recently and the reasons winds just because they're messy right there make mistakes. They're flawed bitch. They try something and they're all going to do. This is going to be great. Everything's when he wonderf- sucks and then they just have to figure it out right. There's not a happy ending. There's not this like close like middle perfect gift and president. That happens at the end. The you know movies are into the episodes. It's tough but that's life you you make mistakes you try new things you you you have successes. You have failures and you live. And that's what i like. Most about those two are black women packets. Yeah they're not magical negroes also which is true. I i see it. And i'm dislike. Ask my my favorite protagonists. I washed longtime ago. Actually have to washington film class in college. And i was really happy. But anything with pam grier and it. So jackie brown had to watch and even though quinn tearing tino problems now you a long time ago i remember owes like it great but yeah now i'm thirty three and i'm just like Jackie brown is great So samuel jackson. Chris tucker pain career like that is alabama we So anything with pam grier. I love the cast of pose. The cast opposes greet That that story. I really didn't know where it was gonna go being produced by the american glee people. I was just like what is what is how are they gonna message. But it was like consistent and it was great so i really enjoy Those women in that that story being an lastly. I'm gonna say michaela chewing gum and mechanical print. Anything on his life but in chewing gum. That was when i saw her in. That show is like absolutely like you. Think about isa ray when you think about insecure in weird and awkward by her tracy in that show is like the the Pity me of awkward and weird in like girl what is you. It's so good okay. So i have one more serious question than one weird question. How would you characterize the baltimore theatre scene from your perspective. Worst dead baltimore theatre scene. I've heard different things. I've had different people own here. But i want to get your individual takes ally chris and i m. It's it's pretty dusty. We need to we. Gotta we gotta clean it We talk a lot about like you. We don't want to be invited to the table anymore. And that's what i meant earlier like with our season like we haven't had a chance to hear a lot of women's perspectives. We talk about burning the table constantly. And just sitting criss cross applesauce and being like. Rhr what do you want to do. What do we need to do. What are the next steps. We need to take action. So i think that really it just needs to dislike. Just just burn burn. It's it's it's for me. It's this like actress active diversity. I diversify what christner trying to do like burn the table. Let's just do black winner like let's just all season mood black women writers and black women playwrights actors let's just do it versus passive we're trying quote unquote quote unquote to diversify we. We need to read more. We need to study more to figure out how to only have one august wilson. Play in our season. You can do better. And so that's what would what chris did is getting part what two strikes is trying to do. Let's just start. let's start from scratch. We don't have to do it this way we don't have to be Old dusty in white. We can be awesome like why not right. Don't be stagnant. Let's let's evolve. Let's try some new things. There's a lot of different theaters in baltimore. Who were doing some really interesting in different work. We don't have to do it the same way every time. We don't have to sit in a seat in the dark watching something. We can do something digitally. We can do something in a different flame framework so like baltimore communities pieces. There's old school of the new school. And i think the new school is starting to kind of take over the reins and be a lot more flexible in this cove environment. Then the old the old trustee ones so we'll see who c- see who reigns supreme. We'll see what happens enough of this mcconnell theater justice move ahead and get a pass that you're disintegrating and let's move on and it's just you just just do it like literally just that just do it. Just do the thing. You know whatever the thing is doing. No this is the bonus question. And i think it's hilarious and it just came up as we were talking but the bonus question. This is the final question of the night and again i want to thank you both for coming on so this person this topic. This person has had a background in made the cut their teeth in theater. On a scale of one to ten rate the whigs talent films. Strange like because again was one of the ingredients in the branch. Sugar-beet gosh a fighting a solid solid three. I mean they should have done better. You should know like you said. Atlanta was black so like y'all can get some good wings. Come on who wake supervisor. New probably should have been a week supervisor. Like what are you the way greg lers in these leg when they these period pieces that are like. Hey we're nineteen ninety. I was like look. I was around in. The hair was not like that. It is like a spoof. Is this a decimal scared. Like what is what does this air. So yeah and black people we we look at hair we we do it. It's going to happen. So tighten up literally literally tighten up the way just slide push push forward as she replay for so. That's pretty much all the questions that have the opportunity to shamelessly plug everything that you wanna plug. Thank you again for coming on. This has been a treat for me. Many things yeah. Thanks for for having us robby. The only thing that i have coming up. But i wanna plug is a two strikes. A theater. collective health is co-producing a work with a single carrot and several public health organizations in baltimore. It's called the covid monologues and we will be Will have a five minute. Monologue talking about racial disparity in Kobe treatments shop should be interesting coming up in february. So it's very interesting please. Follow us on everything What is it what the facebook in twitter yet. Facebook instagram instagram. That's definitely have a website which we will keep posted. We're going to announce our season very soon. We've been working on it for the past couple of months so we're really excited to share that with the community. Website is.

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