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Maximus moving technology forward now to Rob Woodfork all right Dimitri game three of the Stanley Cup final in the second period Vegas taking a 2 -1 lead in Florida on a power play goal by who else Jonathan Marchessault his 13th of the postseason Matthew Kuchuk left this game in the first period after a big hit he has not returned the Wizards trio of new basketball executives met the media today and much was said about a return to championship glory but nothing says championship glory quite like Andy Reid breathlessly describing the spread at the White House when his city chiefs visited last week French toast grilled cheese and ham sandwich that they sprinkle a little powdered bit of sugar on I was phenomenal there was abundance of this and and then they had fingers chicken exotic chicken fingers and then maybe the best part was it which I had to see before but little bite -sized squares of the heart the watermelon first of all exotic chicken fingers is a great name for a band and that Reid monologue reminded me of the Uncle Phil episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air he starts listing all the all his favorite foods when he's on a diet D -Backs Nationals that'll be made up on June 22nd I'm upset that today's postponement is actually shifted Josiah a start from today to tomorrow so that takes him off track to start on Juneteenth at home Rob Woodfork TOP sports so that coach was really lovingly describing like every I mean if you've seen Andy Reid yeah you know that his relationship with food is close and intimate I mean I sort of resemble that remark I know exactly what you're saying. So Hey man do I baby. There was no shame. One more thing you can compare it to if you remember that scene in the Nutty Professor Eddie Murphy is warming up the pie and looking at it lovingly through the window of the microwave oven. I knew the right place baby to come I knew you would have it for me. Alright Rob well we're laughing here but we have serious matters and it's a historic night in Washington an attorney says Donald Trump will show up to be arraigned Tuesday for the unprecedented federal indictment of a former president. We'll talk more coming up. Sports at 25 and 55 powered by Maximus moving people and technology forward. tomorrow morning add some brain food to your breakfast. John Aaron and Michelle Bash bring you the news you need to know to get your day started. The White House press briefing just getting underway. Police have reports

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