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Scott Sam's this is the K. R. L. the morning news thank you for being with us this morning Mike Rogers as with us Amanda has the day off today top story will amber Geiger's murder trial be delayed because of the state fair of Texas it will be of the Dallas police association has its way former officer ever Geiger's scheduled to go on trial next week for killing both him John Dallas police association president Mike Mada says the judge should delay that trial by sixty to ninety days because of the state fair mata says at Dallas please will already be stretched then and of city leaders are concerned about riots after a verdict it's irresponsible to hold the trial when a million people will be visiting the lawyer representing John's family called modest push to delay the trial absurd and contemptible Lee Merritt says there's no basis for concerned about unrest saying John was killed about the same time last year in the state fair of Texas continued on skate Alan sky on his radio to maybe okay well the night for now I K. R. LD Dallas city council will vote on next year's budget later this morning and budget would keep the current tax rate the same but the city would take in more money from increased property values city council will approve a new contract with police and firefighters the budget includes funding for new pay rates Dallas will also set a new minimum wage for others city employees. new information for you this morning about a controversial fort worth school teacher the school board has voted again to fire her because of her anti illegal immigrant tweets K. R. L. these Austin York has the story the board voted unanimously to terminate the contract of Georgia Clarke immediately Clark at tweeted president trump saying Carr riverside high school was quote loaded with the legal students from Mexico and that she needed help pulling undocumented immigrants from our school and passion parents spoke at the meeting pleading with the district not to allow our back into the classroom her face her name have been out there the kids know her she's placed back into the school there will be no respect because they already know her reputation this woman has already stated that she don't have no remorse about which you say a sort of that you know she plans on to continue the way she's gone Clark says she believe the tweets were private between her and the president the board voted to fire Clark in June but an independent examiner recommended the school board reinstate the teacher Austin York news radio ten eighty K. are all the state board of education is taking a different approach to sex education the board will meet today to start drafting new standards for teaching health Dan Quinn is with the Texas freedom network he says the state's abstinence only approach is not working research shows that more than sixty percent of high school seniors have already had sex and Texas has long had one of the highest teen birth rates in the nation so clearly this fail lessons only approach has to change Quinn also once high school students to learn about same sex relationships is is that should be a part of the curriculum since same sex marriages legal in Texas camping on private property without written permission of the property owner that will soon be illegal in fort worth city council voted unanimously to approve the ordinance banning the practice before the vote some including Rachel Amerson told council the ordinance effectively criminalizes homelessness he won't be able to pay the fines imposed which will result in warrants and subsequent arrest after conservation they still won't have a place to go. and I'll be right back on the streets where they started creating a revolving door between homelessness and incarceration supporters of the ordinance though including Angela Hamrick told council and it's a public health issue this ordinance is to provide for the health safety and welfare of the citizens of fort worth handsome and carry moon offered an amendment that would have banned camping on non residential private properly up property altogether permission or no permission but that amendment failed we have accidents to deal with in Plano Dallas desoto prospered Terrel will give you an update on all of those and more with traffic and weather together on the aids in.

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