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Thirty six years Bob where the hell you burn seven so hold on I took a breath there did seven photo albums which is the best for the other stuff but the time is right for what form of towards the glorious noise of the boomtown rats to huge fan borrows a huge fan of nineteen seventy five would you guys got going did talk really exist or did you to find it and it happened after that we didn't know that that's what it will be cold but certain the point exactly the point I mean why did this thing happened this call from change in you New York was bankrupt Reagan refused to play lead that looks at you know that the the social services were collapsing and of course the new generation a rope to that thousand rage the Ramones Blondie Talking Heads in Britain inflation with twenty seven percent you have zero economy there's no future so you get the class in the pistols in Ireland we had almost a civil war with three thousand six hundred people murdered of corrupt government of corrupt church and zero will call me so of course we're going to adopt an older books happened in the same year and of course we were just local bands we never heard of each other but it comes together in London in nineteen seventy six and the Ramones unite just could only play in a bar in the Bowery at but in in London we teamed up with them the Ramones the talking head from the boomtown rats we played in schools high schools in the afternoon of four o'clock in front of kids were wearing sort of things did you rolled around fits a mullet hairdos and picking their noses into them so.

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