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Job. Oh, thank you gentlewoman going anywhere. See? Just like three degrees brain. Awesome. That went well coming up through stop. Stop the TV not lying. Upset in the super Joe Malcolm Jenkins has the answer. First thing. Back here liquors here. Evac Brandon flowers who see called great guy and very handsome. Things out working with Chris Carter. It's a good thing. But it's frustrating. I saw we were. I'm be flow in the show. I come into the morning meeting. I'm all excited. Like man, I known brain in for twelve years known him since he was a rookie and canes and be car the whole and Chris like man I used to babysit him. I knew. Train highschool up in a game. When it creates. You saw taught us how to be Sar approached the game with way, we got here at the same spot. But this is the thing. No. When we came to FOX eight Nick you wanna radio show. Like, yeah. I'm beside the radio show got Chris Cardi you wanna TV show. So. Yeah. He's living the life. I we are happy to have you back. Relax, stocks and football. All right here, we go brand new quarterbacks of our generation will match wits this weekend. When Philip rivers and the chargers head into Foxborough take on Tom Brady and the patriots. It'll be the first time the two faced off in the playoffs and over a decade Brady called this game the most important three hours of the season. And he's right for him. River says while he is looking forward to the matchup. He knows he has to be focused on much more. Got folks not defense. I'm not playing Tom by any means, but as a special to go to against the hall of fame coach and with the best quarterback ever to play and get another shot at them. Heck, yeah. Take it is special and. Just like always told you look over and it's Peyton Manning. You know on the other side, I'm not playing those guys. But I I have a great deal respect fan of those guys, you know, so they get an opportunity again to to go against them Levin years after we had that opportunity in two thousand seven season. Yeah. It's it's it's it's awesome. Looking forward to. Already talks like a coach. All right, Brandon. If the chargers are gonna go into New England and pull off the upset how they going to do what's going to be the key to this game..

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