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What to? Do to will. Go. Boo! Sorry, we got a hiccup in the microphones. They're coming back real quick. Dripping sweat. Stressed out. This isn't the most stressed out I've been in. The last eight months. This is MARINA'S UNCUT GEM. UNSUNG game. A hatch in the trains roof bursts open behind him Tom Spins around an aims, his gun at the stylish record exotic ving. Raines who just whack-a-mole out of the chew, Chew. Don't you sorry to bother you, but I work in the music business and I couldn't help it over here. You're beautiful, melody or you? Singer Tom Lowers his gun and holds the side of it over his heart. That so flattering, but I'm just a missionary on a mission trip. I see well. Did you come up with that catchy tune? You were carrying Tom Cruise shakes his head in flaunts those rich. Ask Teeth. That's just how it sounds when a scientologist weeks tongue. Oh Wow. Okay, well, thank you for not shooting me. Pam. A tunnel entrance decapitates record exists. Don't worry though Tom Cruise duct, so he's fine. He winces at ving. Rains Remains Aka the severed torso, barely crowning from the open hatch. Here's a prayer for your soul sir. Bad Up bad. Exterior. That one! As the train slows to a stop. Tom Jumps off hits the platform running, not looking back reacting in any way as the locomotive explodes behind him, just like he planned interior.

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