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You so can probably two pounds for small succulent. And I think the pri- gone way way above that here in the UK. Now, the other thing I've seen a couple of times and actually bought from is kind of caught that goes down the street so guys selling Plum off a cop. So he's literally got this kind of wagon loaded up with plants and brings it pasta may have a little bit of browse. And then issue this, really. Yeah. It's kind of like a Greengross if upon. That's mine. Retirement plan. I'm going to buy, you know, like, I know to CV or something to Seve and set off round the streets K selling house bonds door to door that she. New york. That's you know, two maybe two house on. Yeah. Really, great punch up in Brooklyn. They during the summer have kind of van that they open the side of it looks like an ice cream van and they're selling phones. Maybe he will do that sounds amazing. Yeah. That's interesting. That sounds really great Thailand. Tell me about what you saw in Thailand, I was imagining that a lot of the house plans that come that that aboard in that part of the world come from Thailand seems to be a huge center for house. Plant breeding. What did you real hope of kind of new house new breeding, and they kind of have more of a obsession with pumps and different plants variegated leaves? And yeah, it was it's a flower show that I've been trying to go to for a couple of years, and I even had a ticket book. They're a couple of seasons ago, but didn't get round to it. But and some I think it was cool. It's just the king Rama pop pump there. It was on in Bangkok. And and oversee because I was just in China sunny a two hour flight. So was the same as jumping on the Ryanair flight to rough to them or Amsterdam so super easy, but myself and went to this plunge show, and it was absolutely amazing on the the plants. I saw that. I just can't even compute was just gossiping, you know, every stand and go so many photos, I've barely even managed to go through or identify because it's quite hard to identify some of the fun because they will cool it then local name, and you know, all of these reasons necessarily use lactate. So you alone name in Thailand. And there's quite a language barrier in these places as well. And of course, you could use Google translate to someone older coffee, but how do you talk to someone about a Plum in the name of translate that doesn't work? So you kind of you have this mutual appreciation that you. But clunky, very coaches languages and just kind of. Mel sweetly each other. Over sweet. But oh my gosh. Oh, I oversee send you some of these pitches and send you the links to an obstacle wrote my website. But really, oh, where do I saw water lilies in all of these lovely exotic blues pinks miniature ones for indoor growing as well and Dunia MHz, which is a Plum that we don't grow much in the UK because it does need a very very sunny windowsill. But in Thailand, they grow some of those of very off with the double flowers denim colored one the black ones, and then was there was one there that was the CEO, which was about six foot across six up. So that can you imagine this big heavy roots have monster with these lovely desert rose flowers on the bright vivid thing, and it was I think it costs something like two hundred thousand ball, which is I think about oh, maybe five thousand pounds of something like that. We'll have to really check that car. See conversion? But it was oh my God. It was a show piece was amazing. What else there was something that I saw a lot of which. Oh, I should've looked before. It's what it is. But you know, that Plum which is kind of a new bit like the, but it kind of has a lace of gun that trails and looks like a monkey puzzle tree. And it's a new. Cool. Hang on. I'm googling googling. It begins. The d j. Got some an it's the name's escaping me as well. I'll look it up all inserts, very hopeful. It will come in. I'll use the magic of editing to insert the name after the fact. Does cool, but he's very cool plump because there's seen trailing. But they don't sell it in a hanging basket bacilli in a pulse, which has basically a hole in the books of the post is growing out of the center. The pop, you know, you know, we saw in the UK a few scenes because he's upside down to Moscow contains anchor them in pots like that. And I'm not too. So why I wonder if they quite happy been little bit more west at the roots? Because of course, you'd worry about drainage, but they seem to have developed ups down containment to grow these in which is really fantastic that could just plan after that thinking of all kids tapped lands, lots of golden Raynaud kids, you know, the yellow one chain link go just ones of those. I could've bought sign many things, but I just bought one Trump to then type back to China, which was a hernia, you know, the like the Palios with the little alien. Flowers. So I the one that's most like an alien and cost me twenty which is like way less than a pound. And I snuck it in my luggage brought that back to China. So that was then posted up and and join of the fifty house blondes, which my partner is looking after for the next couple of months, and I'm sending him regular instructions on what to do. Yeah. He's doing quite well, so I'm whenever any we will obsessed with monsters and Philadelphians would they release of different monsters that you saw that because I carefully I tie in scrim people on this seem to be, you know, many many monster Taikang solutions was there. Anything else knew that you saw in that line of our roads. Well, not so many monsters, but there was enough arrow around. I mean, there was a lot of but furniture was kind of you know, occasional stole. There was perhaps one one in twenty of the SOS was. Pure foliage. But they've been looking at how is in lots of different ways, and what they did have in college with the dams protons. And I never said this one out loud before I know I. Nima? I would say you need me. That's right.

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