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Troops have been ordered to deploy to southwest border. As a caravan of would-be immigrants from Central America heads north through Mexico, que GMT TV reporter Joe Lena. Martinez reports from the border and he's all go, Texas, slowly suited, active duty troops. Occupied them Gallini. Dow, go international bridge aligned today know, some Nexico it's a presence border patrol chief for the Rio Grande, valley sector and wealth idea. Junior invites I think it's absolutely necessary. We welcome in anticipation of the migrant caravan troops have been training in the air. Making periodic flights along the Rio Grande valley. But they're also covering grouts. Preparing the port of entries with equipment like barbed wire. A war of words between one of Oregon county sheriff's office and ice. And after an undocumented immigrant is charged with murdering his wife Kay. Excel reporter, Brandon ice and has the story. Isis now saying Martine Gherardo would have never been able to do that. If Multnomah county had listened to them when he was arrested back in March for domestic violence sheriff Mike Reese claims they never got a request. You look at it. It says check the readability of pages. One in three that means we got an air message on our side saying a fax attempted to be sent. But we received an error, and that facts never arrived at Manama county sheriff's office. It's twenty let's start using good technology Reese, says even if they got the requests that could not have complied because of a prior court ruling this comes as measured one zero five seeking to repeal Oregon sanctuary state law is on the ballot for November sixth Brandon Aisin for CBS news, Portland, Oregon and here in Washington state more than eighty homes in north Benz river point neighborhood will be under a do not drink. Order until Monday at the very least on Wednesday, Selena water association workers found.

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