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Seven hundred fifty pounds a five hundred. So how's a roughly one hundred hundred twenty pound animal going to take that down. They do it. Doug Smith says both by coordinating their attack and by zeroing in on vulnerable prey they're gonna take the week. So they're making their living off of kathak old elk injured, elk. Without wolves. There was an overpopulation of elk in Yellowstone as wolves have cut the size of those herds. There's been an unexpected side effect plants that elk feed on have made a comeback which has in turn produced benefits for other species all the little trees have come back since wolf recovery. This gully filled with shrubs has all comeback since wolf recovering and the wolves are a factor in all of that very simply put wolves Email elk eat this when the elk reduce the eat less so beavers and songbirds can respond to the growth of vegetation. And it's Doug Smith is quick to say that it's not as simple as he just made it sound, but that hasn't stopped some environmentalists from declaring wolves the saviors of Yellowstone's ecology. There's some people who will try to convince you that wolves could probably so. Mideast peace and world hunger. Started Randy Newberg is a Montana hunter who hosts a TV show and.

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